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Follow the leader (with my recipe)

After weeks of eating completely healthy 100% of the timemostly healthy 85% of the time, something was bound to give.  I had turned myself into a regular Betty Crocker in months previous, after all, so a stick of pure butter, several cups of sugar, and a couple of egg yolks were bound to find their own way into a bowl, mix themselves together, fload their way into the oven and bake themselves into cookies.  And wouldn’t it be rude if I didn’t eat them all after they went to so much trouble?  I think it would be terribly ungrateful of me not to eat them all.

Ok, so no magic cookies, but after reading this, I felt compelled by the power of Jesus to whip up a batch of my World’s Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies.  By the way, how much do you have to change a recipe before you can officially call them  your own?  ‘Cause I’ve done quite a bit of tweaking to this recipe and I feel rightful in calling them “my” cookies.  Especially when they are so darn delicious and irresistable.  Just ask Carly’s husband.

Carly called them Devil Cookies, which I completely disagree with.  Not only are they not Devil Cookies, but I think they were sent down by a higher power, in a gift basket, with a card signed “Enjoy – G.”  I’m just saying…they are that good.  In fact, I’ll be right back…


In an attempt to escape doing puzzles for the entire morning on Saturday, Eirinn and I decided to make these together.  It went much better than I expected.  Nothing “accidentally” broke.  “No one” had a fit.  And I think she enjoyed herself.  Mostly she watched me while asking “You need this?” of every measuring spoon, mixing utensil, and ingredient.  She helped me pour in the chocolate chips, receiving a handful of chips as a reward.

picture-357.jpg  She was an excellent chocolate chip pourer.  She didn’t spill one.  Or at least she ate up her mess before I saw it.

picture-362.jpg  Then we waited the long, torturous 15 minutes of baking time.  That heavenly smell was enough to send Eirinn into madness.

picture-363.jpg  See?  This is what she was driven to do while we waited.  Soccer in oven mitts.  Not an act of a sane person.  Is anyone else mesmerized by the Doras on her pants?  They are hypnotizing me into eating more cookies…

picture-365.jpg  And the prize for waiting?  Yummy cookies.  Well, at least yummy, melty chocolate chips.  She ate the cookie part about two hours later.


Merry Christmas from Tornado Alley!

We have an eventful three days ahead of us.  With all of our family living within walking distance, we are required by Familial Law to visit each and every one of them at least twice.  In the next three days.  Which is wonderful (honestly).  Our schedule for Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and Boxing Day looks like this:

Christmas Eve

8:30 – 12 – I work (Boo.  Hiss.)

12:30 – Lunch at home with the Tornado and Anonymous Husband.

1 – 3:30 (fingers crossed) – The Tornado should be nestled all snug in her bed, while visions of Diego dance in her head.  Otherwise known as nap time.

4:00 (or earlier, if those crossed fingers don’t do what they’re meant to) – 7:30 – Christmas Eve with my side of the family at Casa Del Parents, during which time we will engorge ourselves on deep fried cheese sticks, chicken wings, shrimp rings (excluding those who will remain Anonymous and shellfish-free), and literally every other finger food you can think of.  Oooo…and my favourite Christmas savoury – bacon wrapped water chestnuts.  We’ll also do our gift exchange (yay, presents!).

Christmas Day

7:30 (again, fingers crossed) – 9:30ish – We’ll do our very first annual Tornado Alley Christmas morning (last year we were living with the Anonymous grandparents, waiting for our new house to be built).  We’ll open stockings and presents (!), have a light breakfast and get ready for the rest of the hectic day.

9:30ish – 1ish (toddler attitude-dependant) – This year we’re with AH’s family in the morning.  We’ll eat a traditional Irish fried breakfast (bacon, sausage, fried eggs, potato bread, black and white pudding, and clotted arteries in a pear tree) and our gift exchange with them (more presents!).

1:30 – 3:30ish – Naptime

4ish – 7:30 – Christmas dinner back with my family.  I can’t even express to you how excited I am for dinner.  I am literally vibrating right now at the thought of my mom’s stuffing and of gravy sandwiches.  Never heard of them?  Hmm…that’s weird.  Take a dinner roll, poke your finger almost all the way through, pour gravy in hole, consume.  And just try not to repeat.  I dare you.

Boxing Day

Oh, sometime in the afternoon – Christmas dinner with AH’s family.  This one I’m excited for because of dessert.  And second dessert.  And sometimes even third dessert.  Why bother with first course?

If I don’t come out of these next three days at least 15 pounds heavier, I’ve done something wrong.

And that will be us until the 28th, when Carly, Lucy and Eric come to visit and what else?  Exchange presents*!

So, from us here in Tornado Alley, have a very merry Christmas.  If that’s what you’re into.  If not, have a great few days anyway.

* Just for the record, I happen to be one of those people who quite honestly enjoys giving presents much, much more than receiving.  It’s my favourite.

** Also, just for the record.  Just because I like giving more than receiving doesn’t mean you have to take the presents back that you got for me.  Let’s not get crazy now.

Blanket, soother, towel, diaper. Bliss.

We’re not even going to talk about Saturday. 

Sunday, Anonymous Husband and I got a HUGE chunk of Christmas shopping done.  I’m so proud and relieved.  The stores weren’t quite at the insane, claustrophobia-panic-inducing craziness yet, but they were getting there.  But we were quick, stuck to a list, got a little creative when necessary, and popped off at least 10 of the 30 humans and animals we buy for.  There’s still a lot left, but a third done by the last week of November is pretty darn good for a procrastinator and a non-shopper.

While we were out punishing our Mastercard, Eirinn was at Anonymous Grandma and Papa’s house.  Eirinn doesn’t often nap there; it’s just too much fun and excitement and she wouldn’t want to miss one second.  Not for lack of trying by Grandma, Eirinn just won’t give in.  So she went without a nap yesterday.  And, surprisingly, she wasn’t too bad without it.  We could tell she was tired, but she was coping reasonably well.

In the bath when we got home, she had passed the ‘coping reasonably well’ stage and was ready for bed.  She wanted her blanket in the bath with her, which, obviously, was not possible.

“A-lankie…Mommy?  I crying.”  Which she was.

And she continued to cry big, fat, sad, tired toddler tears until I got her out and dried off.  Laying on the ground with her blanket, soother (which is for big girls when they go to bed, and she was on her way so she was allowed to have it), still wrapped in the towel, and her diaper, everything was ok.

“I have A-lankie, I have sooder, I have towal, I have diapie.  I happy.”

Sometimes she can be the sweetest little thing ever.  And other times…we’re not even going to talk about Saturday.

The love of a good dog

Eirinn loves Bosco.  Like, loves him.  At home, he is her best friend.  I can’t really blame her because he is a) The World’s Most Loving Dog, b) The World’s Most Lovable Dog, and c) The World’s Most Lickingist Dog, in the Longest Tongue category; he’s a triple threat. 

She’s recently discovered a fascination with him, and I’m kind of relieved.  She wants him to be everywhere that she is.  If she’s climbing the stairs, she’ll remember part way up that he isn’t with her and she’ll stop and call him – “Bossy!  ‘M’ere!”  Or if she wants on our bed to pretend sleep, Bosco has to come up too.  Or if she climbs up for a good bounce, she wants Bosco to come up with her.  As a side note, Dog + Bouncing Toddler = Disaster, almost every single time.

She also finds all things Bosco-related hilarious.  Giggle-fit-worthy.  Especially when we wrastle (that’s ‘wrestle’ for those of you not born north of 42).  A growling, jumping, out of control 12 pound dog is the funniest thing since doot-doot’s (see post below for the definition of a doot-doot).  Other funny Bosco-isms: when he gets trouble for licking too much, any time he barks, when he licks her right in the face, when he plays fetch.

I don’t know if Bosco is enjoying his new popularity, but he’s tolerating it like a little trooper.  Even when she pokes him and gets in the way of his fetch path and “pets” him, which is a much more violent version of our petting; more like smacking him with a smile on her face.  He is rewarded for his good behavior by having the monopoly on Eirinn’s rejected food.

And if he didn’t want her attention, he shouldn’t have kissed her so much in the first place.  He has a history of sneaking up on her and licking her right in the mouth/nose/eyeball, so no wonder she likes him so much now.  The History of Bosco Kissing Eirinn will be a story told in pictures in the future.

Nothing doing

This weekend has been fairly uneventful.  I did some shopping for fall clothes for my odd-shaped little girl.  She fits solidly in a size 2 top, but on bottom 12-18 months fits just right.  She was blessed with the stumpy legs passed on from my paternal grandfather, to my dad, then to me. 

Then we went for ice cream yesterday afternoon.  She was all excited to go, shouting ‘Ice Keeeem!  Ice Keeeem!’ before we left, but when we got there I literally had to tackle her, put her in a choke hold and force feed her even just one spoonful.  And this was in the restaurant.  Boy, am I ever an embarrasing mommy.  Just joshing.  I didn’t force her, but I was very confused over how any oxygen breathing human being could even hesitate when offered God’s sweet nectar ice cream.  Very, very weird.  Maybe she isn’t related to me.  She must have been switched at birth with some other dwarf-legged baby.

For dinner last night?  Ketchup.  Served on a bed of stew, for display purposes only.


She eventually ate the stew when she accidentally discovered that it was edible and not just a fancy plate used to present the ketchup on.

Today’s second breakfast was her favourite.  PANCAKES!!!  She can pound those back like nobody’s business.  And the second best part of pancakes besides the fact that they’re pancakes?  The syrup.  It’s like a meal on it’s own.  So delicious, or ‘lishus’ as Eirinn describes it. 


Must…get…every…last…drop.  Sooooo goooood.

Right now Eirinn is at Bubba’s house so we can clean (me) and cook (Anonymous Husband) because tonight we’re having Anonymous Husband’s Anonymous Family over for Anonymous dinner.

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