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Follow the leader (with my recipe)

After weeks of eating completely healthy 100% of the timemostly healthy 85% of the time, something was bound to give.  I had turned myself into a regular Betty Crocker in months previous, after all, so a stick of pure butter, several cups of sugar, and a couple of egg yolks were bound to find their own way into a bowl, mix themselves together, fload their way into the oven and bake themselves into cookies.  And wouldn’t it be rude if I didn’t eat them all after they went to so much trouble?  I think it would be terribly ungrateful of me not to eat them all.

Ok, so no magic cookies, but after reading this, I felt compelled by the power of Jesus to whip up a batch of my World’s Greatest Chocolate Chip Cookies.  By the way, how much do you have to change a recipe before you can officially call them  your own?  ‘Cause I’ve done quite a bit of tweaking to this recipe and I feel rightful in calling them “my” cookies.  Especially when they are so darn delicious and irresistable.  Just ask Carly’s husband.

Carly called them Devil Cookies, which I completely disagree with.  Not only are they not Devil Cookies, but I think they were sent down by a higher power, in a gift basket, with a card signed “Enjoy – G.”  I’m just saying…they are that good.  In fact, I’ll be right back…


In an attempt to escape doing puzzles for the entire morning on Saturday, Eirinn and I decided to make these together.  It went much better than I expected.  Nothing “accidentally” broke.  “No one” had a fit.  And I think she enjoyed herself.  Mostly she watched me while asking “You need this?” of every measuring spoon, mixing utensil, and ingredient.  She helped me pour in the chocolate chips, receiving a handful of chips as a reward.

picture-357.jpg  She was an excellent chocolate chip pourer.  She didn’t spill one.  Or at least she ate up her mess before I saw it.

picture-362.jpg  Then we waited the long, torturous 15 minutes of baking time.  That heavenly smell was enough to send Eirinn into madness.

picture-363.jpg  See?  This is what she was driven to do while we waited.  Soccer in oven mitts.  Not an act of a sane person.  Is anyone else mesmerized by the Doras on her pants?  They are hypnotizing me into eating more cookies…

picture-365.jpg  And the prize for waiting?  Yummy cookies.  Well, at least yummy, melty chocolate chips.  She ate the cookie part about two hours later.


Vampires beware

Do you know what you shouldn’t feed a toddler?  Croutons.  Extra garlic croutons.  Unless you like that brand of stink.

Monday at lunch Eirinn spied the bag of croutons on the counter at my mom’s.  They were unopened because no one wanted to eat them.  No one, that is, except Eirinn.  Those croutons were all she wanted to eat for lunch.  And, being spoiled rotten, she got them and ate them all.

That was Monday and today is Wednesday and she still reeks.  The garlic spreads throughout her body and seeps out of her pores like sweat.  Stinky, pungent sweat.  Sweat that makes me want to heave my non-crouton lunch all over the floor.  Which is really sad because when Eirinn wants a kiss, I distract her with something else (Is that Dora at the door?) so I don’t have to bring my nose that close to her mouth.

This can’t last forever.  I’m sure it will dissipate soon.  Please, Lordy, make it dissipate soon.

This is one of those stories I’m going to tell when we meet her first boyfriend.

Lunch, redux

Eirinn’s eating habits have been easily less than stellar since we started introducing solids at 6 months old.  She has been varying degrees of Superbly Picky, Hog-at-a-Trough, and anorexic.  And these phases are unpredictable at best.  Literally one day she’ll eat everything and anything faster than you can refill said trough and the very next day she won’t want to even smell food and the sight of it offends her deeply.  Some days she’ll try anything you offer her; others she only wants Goldfish crackers and Cheerios.  She only drinks water from a strawed sippy cup and milk from a bottle at sleep times and NO OTHER COMBINATION IS ACCEPTABLE.  No water in a spouted sippy, no milk in any kind of cup, no juice at all.

All of this makes it very difficult to prepare a nutritious lunch or dinner for her.  If she eats vegetables and meat one day, there’s no guarantee that she’ll eat them the next.  The best I can do is make something for her and hope that she’s in an eating sort of mood.

Carbs are usually a good bet.  She’ll eat most kinds of carbohydrates, especially if they can be topped with syrup.  Complex carbohydrates and refined sugar don’t make a very well rounded diet, but what choice do I have when my options are feeding her waffles for the third day in a row or let her go with no lunch? 

I’ll often stand my ground at dinner time.  She’s been served the same food we eat since she was a year old.  If she doesn’t want what she’s offered, she isn’t given a second choice.  As my mom always said to us, this isn’t a restaurant.  And if children are offered food that they honestly like (I would never force her to eat something I know she doesn’t like), they’ll eat it if they’re hungry.

We’ve had a good couple of days, eating-wise (knock on wood, cross my fingers, hold my breath).  Last night she ate a whole baby plate of baked french fries, two real chicken nuggets and two sausage rolls.  With ketchup, of course.  And today she quote “ate her way through the morning” end quote, according to my mom.  Then, for lunch, she had one and a half sandwiches.  It would have been two sandwiches, but Murphy The Murph-man Murph swiped a half for his own lunch.

I just hope she grows out of this unpredictable eating behaviour.  I hope she isn’t picky forever.  I’d like her to be able to enjoy things like shellfish and vegetables and pasta with me.  Her father won’t eat them and if she doesn’t either, I’ll be alone.  Forever.  Sitting in a corner eating my crab and mushroom alfredo wishing I had someone to share it with.

20 Month Birthday

Favourite Food:  Finally can-cakes have been dethroned!  They still hold #2 on the top 3 list, but I do believe that Goldfish Crackers have now surpassed them.  Oh, and pizza would probably be #3.  Pizza is her standard answer to “What would you like for dinner?”, even if she had it for lunch.  “Pitha” will do for every meal.

Favourite Toys:  Colouring is her passion in life.  And she’s very, very good about only colouring on the page.  But just in case, we use washable crayons and Colour Wonder markers.  She’s also very into puzzles.  Loves them.  Oh, and purses, or as she calls them, Mommy’s Pack Pack.  Mommy’s Pack Pack usually contains two pairs of sunglasses, a marker, and as many Little People as will fit.

New Words:  Like I said last time, she can say them all.  There are just some that she hasn’t tried yet.  She did say the longest sentence I’ve heard her say this month.  “Oh, dear, glasses too big”, even though they were too small.  Still, pretty good.

What Makes Her Laugh:  Yelling.  Apparently the look of pain in people’s eyes as their eardrums burst is hilarious.  And jumping on our bed.  I guess just being bad makes her laugh.  But it makes us laugh, too.

New Skills:  Doing puzzles is a new skill that is absolutely amazing to us.  She is so good at them.  She’s doing puzzles labelled for 5 year olds.  And well!  She’s even making puzzles out of other things.  Like she’ll take stickers off of their sheet and put them back into their correct spaces.  And she likes to match objects, like a princess magnet with a princess in a book.  She’s smart and I’m impressed.

Bedtime: Still 7:30pm

Times Awake:  Usually once, but sometimes she’ll be nice and not wake up.  But that’s rare.

Naps:  Same as before.  One for between 2 and 3 1/2 hours.  Sweeeet.


Nevermind the exhaustion, the stress, the mayhem, raising a toddler is actually more fun than I could have ever imagined.  She’s funny in so many ways, on purpose or not, and makes me laugh at times when I really shouldn’t.  This is such a good thing.  So good for the soul. 

She breathes life into the most lifeless of situations.  Without trying, she reminds us how to have fun; reminds us it’s not all death and taxes.  And for that, I’m grateful.

4 things Eirinn ate today

  1. A Colour Wonder marker in a light blue flavour.  That was the second one she ate.  The first one was orange.
  2. A puzzle piece.  What’s a puzzle with one eaten piece?  Garbage.
  3. One cell phone button.  The number 6.  Princess Cell Phone will never be the same again because if you want to remove a cell phone button with your mouth you must use copious amounts of drool.  And drool and electronics don’t mix very well.
  4. And the most bizarre and surprising thing eaten all day?  Salad.  For lunch she ate a Greek salad; lettuce, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and all.  The girl won’t eat yogurt with chunks of fruit and she ate a salad for lunch.  I will never understand her.

* Note: Besides the salad, none of these items were actually consumed, only chewed (the marker; which is non-toxic, by the way), bit (the cell phone button), and sucked on (the puzzle piece), before they were confiscated and Eirinn was reprimanded for the bajillionth time.  Who told her it was funny to get reprimanded?  It’s not.  I’m scary.  But for some reason Eirinn thinks “scary” is funny.

Friday Five – One Day Late

So we’ll make it a Saturday Six?  Deal. 

This weeks Friday Five Saturday Six is – What We Did On Saturday.

  1. “We” (as in Eirinn by choice and Mommy by default) woke up at 5 am.  “We” had wet through “our” diaper and onto “our” pants and shirt.  “We” then tried (unsuccessfully) to remove “our” wet shirt, but could only get one arm out because “we’re” only 19 months old and “we” haven’t been given this lesson yet.  This ignorance led to an hour and a half of moaning and groaning before Mommy begrudgingly dragged her half asleep butt out of bed to see what the problem was.  Soaking wet toddler = awake toddler = awake household.  This would never have happened if “we” hadn’t chugged three (3) sippy cups of water and then a bottle of milk right before bed.  Mommy says “lesson learned” and won’t be watering the toddler like she was a dying cactus.
  2. Our friends Carly and Lucy came for a visit!  Carly and I see each other every Wednesday for Durham Mom’s Night Out, but Eirinn and Lucy hadn’t played together for a couple of months.  It’s always a treat to see these two together because they can be so different, but still get along like peas and carrots.  Where Eirinn is boysterous and energetic and outgoing, Lucy is quiet and thoughtful and sweet.
  3. For the very first time, Eirinn rode the bus.  By herself.  Just kidding, Carly, Lucy and I were there, too.  Eirinn got her own seat and we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” loud enough to annoy the weird guy with wiry, dandruff-y, badly dyed hair sitting in front of us.  Why bother using public transit if you’re not going to make other people wish they hadn’t? 
  4. The four of us were taking the bus to Apple Fest, which is an annual tradition I have yet to miss.  Love it.  LOOOOVE.  IT.  Why so much love?  Four words – cider, dumplings, fritters and fudge.  The line up for the fritters was too long given the minus 30 degree weather, but I was all over the other three like flies on…maybe a bad analogy when talking about food.
  5. Lunch was delicious world famous pancakes as made by Anonymous Husband.  AH played the role of Wicked Cool, Kick-Arse Husband today.  Not only was he Master Chef of the Griddle, but he also woke up early on his sleep-in day so I could shower and he drove to his parents so I would have a stroller to shuttle Eirinn around the tundra in.  Sank-coo, AH.
  6. Little People were played with and books were coloured in by Eirinn and Lucy during the hour between lunch and nap.  It was the cutest thing watching them interact.  As an illustration of their differences, while colouring, Eirinn talked all of us through what she was doing and demanded invited us to colour with her.  Lucy, meanwhile, was quietly examining the Magic Markers, figuring out the science behind their magic-ness, assembling and re-assembling them, all without so much as a whisper.                                                                                    picture-254.jpgpicture-258.jpgpicture-261.jpg
  7. Absolutely conked out from all the early-waking, friend-visiting, bus-riding, Apple-festing, can-cake-eating, play-play-playing, Eirinn slept from 1:30 to 4:45, and only woke up because my face was all up in her grill saying “WAKE UP, LAZY, OR YOU WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT.”
  8. And last but not least.  Her time after dinner was spent doing…whatever this is.  I don’t know.


Ok, so because I a) felt guilty for missing Friday or b) talk too much, we ended up with a Friday Five, Saturday Six, Sunday Seven, A List With Eight Points And No Catchy Title Because There Isn’t A Day Of The Week That Starts With ‘E’.

Nothing doing

This weekend has been fairly uneventful.  I did some shopping for fall clothes for my odd-shaped little girl.  She fits solidly in a size 2 top, but on bottom 12-18 months fits just right.  She was blessed with the stumpy legs passed on from my paternal grandfather, to my dad, then to me. 

Then we went for ice cream yesterday afternoon.  She was all excited to go, shouting ‘Ice Keeeem!  Ice Keeeem!’ before we left, but when we got there I literally had to tackle her, put her in a choke hold and force feed her even just one spoonful.  And this was in the restaurant.  Boy, am I ever an embarrasing mommy.  Just joshing.  I didn’t force her, but I was very confused over how any oxygen breathing human being could even hesitate when offered God’s sweet nectar ice cream.  Very, very weird.  Maybe she isn’t related to me.  She must have been switched at birth with some other dwarf-legged baby.

For dinner last night?  Ketchup.  Served on a bed of stew, for display purposes only.


She eventually ate the stew when she accidentally discovered that it was edible and not just a fancy plate used to present the ketchup on.

Today’s second breakfast was her favourite.  PANCAKES!!!  She can pound those back like nobody’s business.  And the second best part of pancakes besides the fact that they’re pancakes?  The syrup.  It’s like a meal on it’s own.  So delicious, or ‘lishus’ as Eirinn describes it. 


Must…get…every…last…drop.  Sooooo goooood.

Right now Eirinn is at Bubba’s house so we can clean (me) and cook (Anonymous Husband) because tonight we’re having Anonymous Husband’s Anonymous Family over for Anonymous dinner.

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