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20 Month Birthday

Favourite Food:  Finally can-cakes have been dethroned!  They still hold #2 on the top 3 list, but I do believe that Goldfish Crackers have now surpassed them.  Oh, and pizza would probably be #3.  Pizza is her standard answer to “What would you like for dinner?”, even if she had it for lunch.  “Pitha” will do for every meal.

Favourite Toys:  Colouring is her passion in life.  And she’s very, very good about only colouring on the page.  But just in case, we use washable crayons and Colour Wonder markers.  She’s also very into puzzles.  Loves them.  Oh, and purses, or as she calls them, Mommy’s Pack Pack.  Mommy’s Pack Pack usually contains two pairs of sunglasses, a marker, and as many Little People as will fit.

New Words:  Like I said last time, she can say them all.  There are just some that she hasn’t tried yet.  She did say the longest sentence I’ve heard her say this month.  “Oh, dear, glasses too big”, even though they were too small.  Still, pretty good.

What Makes Her Laugh:  Yelling.  Apparently the look of pain in people’s eyes as their eardrums burst is hilarious.  And jumping on our bed.  I guess just being bad makes her laugh.  But it makes us laugh, too.

New Skills:  Doing puzzles is a new skill that is absolutely amazing to us.  She is so good at them.  She’s doing puzzles labelled for 5 year olds.  And well!  She’s even making puzzles out of other things.  Like she’ll take stickers off of their sheet and put them back into their correct spaces.  And she likes to match objects, like a princess magnet with a princess in a book.  She’s smart and I’m impressed.

Bedtime: Still 7:30pm

Times Awake:  Usually once, but sometimes she’ll be nice and not wake up.  But that’s rare.

Naps:  Same as before.  One for between 2 and 3 1/2 hours.  Sweeeet.


Nevermind the exhaustion, the stress, the mayhem, raising a toddler is actually more fun than I could have ever imagined.  She’s funny in so many ways, on purpose or not, and makes me laugh at times when I really shouldn’t.  This is such a good thing.  So good for the soul. 

She breathes life into the most lifeless of situations.  Without trying, she reminds us how to have fun; reminds us it’s not all death and taxes.  And for that, I’m grateful.

19 Month Birthday

Favourite Foods: Still cancakes, french toast, waffles…pretty much anything you put maple syrup on.

Favourite Toys: Anything you can colour with; blocks.

New Words: She knows so many words, it’s hard to pick out which ones are new and which ones she’s just improved her pronunciation of.  She’s picked up some longer words like ‘crocodile’ and ‘thunder’.

What Makes You Laugh: Loud, strange noises like “Blah!”; doot-doot’s (a version of tickling that is basically just poking her in the chest).

New Skills: A skill she’s been working on this month is threading words together to make sentences.  Our favourite is “Here I come!” because that usually means we’re going to get some kind of hug and/or kiss.

Bedtime: Still holding at 7:30pm.

Times Awake: When she’s not teething, none.  But if her mouth is bugging her, it can be up at 4 or 5 times.  Ick.  Stupid yet-to-be-born, nerve-piercing, pointy teeth.

Naps: One at around 1pm for around 2 to 3 hours.  She used to be the 20 Minute Nap Queen, so this length has been a huge relief.

Eirinn has become increasingly independent this month.  She does everything herself, practically, and loathes help.  Her language skills have improved immensely, with the beginnings of sentences and phrases popping up here and there.  She knows many, many songs now, both their lyrics and the tune and it’s the cutest thing to hear her perform them along with the actions or some made up dance to go with it.

With this independence comes a great deal of exhaustion.  Mine, of course.  It’s a constant sprint, chasing after her, saving her from dangers.  She wants to be doing everything RIGHT NOW, and that means I have to be doing everything right now.  In a span of five minutes, she’ll go from colouring to climbing the stairs (no hands, one step per foot at a time) to riding in her push car to running through the halls to sitting nicely reading a book to running laps around the table to poking the dog.  And I’ll be right there with her colouring, climbing stairs, strapping her into the car (and immediately unstrapping), running through the halls, sitting her on my lap to read, running laps with her (as per her insistence), and blocking Bosco’s nostrils from probing toddler fingers.

But I find the energy somewhere.  You have to.  With parenthood, being too tired is not an option.  This means I often sleep through my favourite shows at night, but that’s ok.  That’s what God created the PVR for. 


18 Month Birthday!

Favourite Foods – meatloaf, can-cakes, Cheerios (of course)

Favourite Toys– Princess blocks, Princess cellphone (Pin-cess Hello?), crayons

New Words– dude, Phwiper (Swiper the fox from Dora), play (usually a command), thank you

What Makes You Laugh – still likes to be ‘eaten’

New Skills – counting along with us (as in she points and repeats the numbers).  We did up to 15 the other day.

Bedtime – unless she’s especially cranky, 7:30pm

Times Awake – usually once at about 4, usually to trade one green fuzzy blanket for another identical green fuzzy blanket.

Naps – 1, for between 2 and 3 hours.  My favourite development!

This month had a lot of highs and lows, mommy/daughter-wise.  Vacation started great, but got rough because mommy and daddy are not nearly as fun and exciting as Bugba (Grandma) and all her daycare kids.  So she therefore punished us for our inadequacies by entering her Terrible Twos 6 months early.  But we quickly recovered and now she is the sweetest, most affectionate baby I’ve ever seen.

She loves giving out kisses now, which before were reserved for bedtime only unless you were up for a fight or had a lot to barter with.  And following each kiss is a great big hug and the accompanying sound effects (Ahhh...).  Every hug and kiss feels like the most heart-wrenchingly touching hug and kiss, especially given last week, and I cherish every one of them.  I’ve never been a very emotional person, but these enthusiastic displays of her love for us melt me into a puddle of popcorn butter.

17 Month Birthday!

It’s Eirinn’s 17 month birthday today.  In honour of her birthday, I am going to start a monthly update, so here we go:

Favourite Foods: cancakes (pancakes), eggies (scrambled eggs), ca-cahs (crackers or cookies, she doesn’t care which)

Favourite Toys:  the slide, bubbles, yogurt containers

New Words:  cancakes, Abbu (her cousin Amber), Bug-ba (her word for my mom), Key (her word for ‘blankie’)

Things That Make Her Laugh:  ‘eating babies’ (I pretend to ‘eat’ her neck and ribs by “arm, arm, arm”-ing and play-biting), tickles

Skills She’s Mastered:  blowing bubbles in the bathtub, hopping with both feet leaving the ground

Bedtime:  7:15-7:30pm, depending on her mood

Times Up During The Night:  usually none, but sometimes once, at about 3 or 5

Wake Up Time:  6:30-7am

Naps:  one, at around 1 or 2pm for 1 1/2 to 2 hours

Before I had Eirinn, I would have pictured 17 months way different than what she has become.  She hates being a baby and can’t wait until she’s a big girl.  She wants to feed herself with silverware, use a real cup on her own, walk not ride, play with the big kids.  She gets so very frustrated when she can’t, either because of her lack of ability or because we won’t let her.  She’s 17 months going on 17 years.  This makes me laugh and cry (on the inside) all at once.  While this stage is so unbelievably fun and heart-meltingly adorable, it has also been the most exhausting – physically, emotionally, and mentally.  But at the end of the day she is still our baby.  She still needs a snuggle with daddy before bed and she still needs mommy to tuck her in.

By the way, 17 month olds are experts in the field of Perfect Rock Hunting.  And this, my friends, is the perfect rock.


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