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Friday Five – New Toddler-isms

Here’s a list of toddlerisms that Eirinn recently started.

  1. This one’s fun. When she starts to sing a song, I usually join in to help her along with the words and to, you know, interact with her. Now, she’ll start singing and I’ll join in and she’ll yell at me! “NO!” Ok, fine. I guess my singing voice must really suck if my 19 month old doesn’t want to hear it.
  2. Also, she will NOT wear a bib anymore. Which would be fine if she was a tidy eater, but she isn’t. She’s been feeding herself for many months now but it still gets on her clothes. We’ve tried bribing her with ketchup (as in, she has to wear a bib or she can’t eat ketchup), we’ve tried us wearing one too (ya, ya, laugh it up), we’ve tried distracting her and sneeking it on. Nope. There will be no more bib wearing because she is not a baby.
  3. I tried to cut her fingernails last night in the bath, where I usually do it, and she freaked out. As though she thought I was cutting whole limbs off, not just the nails. She was crying big, huge baby tears and calling for Anonymous Husband to help her (“Anonymous daaaaaaaaddy? Haaaaalp!”) and wiggling. She’s never done that before.
  4. And speaking of baths, she now talks to her reflection in the tap.  AS THOUGH IT WERE ANOTHER PERSON. And this other person?  Oooo, she’s bad!  She must be very rude because Eirinn yells at her and hits her in the tummy and gets very frustrated.  The mommy reflection should be punishing the Eirinn reflection because she deserves it for being so mean to real Eirinn.
  5. She’s so loud!  The yelling is non-stop and impressive.  She can reach a volume I previously would have only expected to come from some sort of electronic machinery.  And she loves to yell.  If she runs out of actual things to yell about, she’ll just yell “AHHH!!!” so that she can still hear her own voice.  Clearly our next lesson will be the difference between our indoor voices and screaming bloody murder outdoor voices.

Friday Five – Pictures from before (also, One Day Late 2)

It’s been one of those days weeks and I’m not feeling all that funny/creative/nice.  So instead of totally abandoning my legions of loyal readers, I thought I’d cop-out post some of my favourite pictures from before I started blogging my life away.  In the spirit of being fair, I will give you my top 6 for being a day late (again…) on the Friday Five.

1.   eirinn-009.jpg

This was Eirinn at Easter, 2006.  She was 5 weeks old.  She looks either bored with this whole Easter deal or ready to order another round.  She was going through one of her ‘eat every hour and a half and watch mommy go insane’ phases, so she’s probably ordering another round.

2.  eirinn-011.jpg

Is this not the cutest little bunny picture ever?  Miffy’s got nothing on her.  She was just over 2 months old there.  Which means we were lucky to get a picture where she isn’t screaming.  She screamed a lot.  A.  LOT.  But looking back at pictures like this makes me forget about that just for a little while.

3.  eirinn-013.jpg

You’ll see this picture in my banner.  It’s a classic.  She was screaming before and after I took it because of that bonnet.  It was so ridiculous, it was both adorable and almost child abuse to put it on her.  But I made her wear it.  Often.  The look of terror is because of the red light on the camera.  Scaaaaa-ry.

4.  eirinn_070.jpg

Never has there been a t-shirt more suited to one person than this one as it relates to Eirinn. 

5.  picture-004.jpg

Remember the part in Peter Pan when his shadow is misbehaving and it has to be sewn back onto his foot?  It’s right at the beginning.  This picture reminds me of that.  It looks like she’d been chasing her shadow around the room and finally did a flying tackle and has it clenched in her little hands.  If only someone would be kind enough to put the stupid camera down and pin it back onto her.  Plus it’s one of the first pictures where you can see some peach-fuzz hair.  Poor girl was bald for way too long.

And the bonus number 6. 

Eirinn actually participated in Halloween last year.  We went to a local pumpkin patch with our Babyville group and it was the best thing ever seeing all the little babies in their costumes sitting amongst the pumpkins.  Eirinn, surprisingly, was the only one dressed up as an actual pumpkin.  She also looks unamused.

I’m sad looking at this picture because I don’t think she’s going to let me put a costume on her this year.  I tried forcing it on her again today, but it just turned into a wrestling match with a lot of crying and yelling.  I tried making it sound fun to wear it.  I tried wearing the hat myself.  I tried sneaking it on her.  Nothing seems to be working and I’m giving up hope of getting an adorable Halloween, Year 2 picture.  Maybe I’ll just Photoshop her head onto a picture of the costume and be done with it.  Less stress, no mess.

Friday Five – Things she learned this week

I brag a lot about Eirinn.  I know.  But it’s because she amazes me more and more and in different ways every day.  By the reaction of my mom when Eirinn does something genius-like, I can tell that she’s way more advanced than I ever was.  If that’s the case, logic would lead me to believe that she is going to be smarter than me.  WAY smarter than me.  Oh, who am I kidding?  She’s already smarter than me.

This week she had a turbo-charged learning week.  She flipped her brain to Hyper-Drive Warp Speed and now knows everything.  Literally.  She can do advanced linear algebra, has a masters in Shakespearean theatre, began Swahili 101, completed Spanish for beginners, and finished her first 1000 piece 3D puzzle.  Well, not quite, but close.

Here are five things Eirinn learned this week:

  1. How to count to 12.  She can (key word being can, as in she doesn’t do it every time) count to 12, in order, not missing any of the numbers.  Brilliant.
  2. The alphabet.  Her version is now complete, A to Z, but still has a thick baby-accent.  I can understand her perfectly, and the alphabet is correct.  Genius.
  3. Knows that hello in Swahili is ‘jamba’.  No joke.  There’s a Diego episode (surprise, surprise) that takes place in Africa and the boy says hello and she responds with “Jamba!”, which is right.  Smartypants.
  4. Her Spanish vocabulary now includes: ayuda me (help me), abuela (grandmother), abuelo (grandfather), soy (say or I am, I’m not sure; she’s the Spanish speaking one in the family, not me), rojo (red), azul (blue), uno (one), dos (two), tres (three), quatro (four).  I’m sure there’s more, but a foreign language mixed with baby-accent makes it difficult even for a mother to understand.  Desgarrado.
  5. She has conquered her first puzzle.  It’s only 6 pieces, but it’s a real puzzle, not one where the shapes go into the cutouts.  She has a little trouble with the dexterity of it, but she puts the pieces where they are supposed to go and just needs out help snapping them into place.  Mommy has run out of synonyms for ‘smart’, so…Smart.

Bonus bullet:  She has learned all the lyrics to the theme songs for Go Diego, Go and Dora the Explorer.  Don’t role your eyes.  I’ve done enough of that for all of us.

Friday Five – One Day Late

So we’ll make it a Saturday Six?  Deal. 

This weeks Friday Five Saturday Six is – What We Did On Saturday.

  1. “We” (as in Eirinn by choice and Mommy by default) woke up at 5 am.  “We” had wet through “our” diaper and onto “our” pants and shirt.  “We” then tried (unsuccessfully) to remove “our” wet shirt, but could only get one arm out because “we’re” only 19 months old and “we” haven’t been given this lesson yet.  This ignorance led to an hour and a half of moaning and groaning before Mommy begrudgingly dragged her half asleep butt out of bed to see what the problem was.  Soaking wet toddler = awake toddler = awake household.  This would never have happened if “we” hadn’t chugged three (3) sippy cups of water and then a bottle of milk right before bed.  Mommy says “lesson learned” and won’t be watering the toddler like she was a dying cactus.
  2. Our friends Carly and Lucy came for a visit!  Carly and I see each other every Wednesday for Durham Mom’s Night Out, but Eirinn and Lucy hadn’t played together for a couple of months.  It’s always a treat to see these two together because they can be so different, but still get along like peas and carrots.  Where Eirinn is boysterous and energetic and outgoing, Lucy is quiet and thoughtful and sweet.
  3. For the very first time, Eirinn rode the bus.  By herself.  Just kidding, Carly, Lucy and I were there, too.  Eirinn got her own seat and we sang “The Wheels on the Bus” loud enough to annoy the weird guy with wiry, dandruff-y, badly dyed hair sitting in front of us.  Why bother using public transit if you’re not going to make other people wish they hadn’t? 
  4. The four of us were taking the bus to Apple Fest, which is an annual tradition I have yet to miss.  Love it.  LOOOOVE.  IT.  Why so much love?  Four words – cider, dumplings, fritters and fudge.  The line up for the fritters was too long given the minus 30 degree weather, but I was all over the other three like flies on…maybe a bad analogy when talking about food.
  5. Lunch was delicious world famous pancakes as made by Anonymous Husband.  AH played the role of Wicked Cool, Kick-Arse Husband today.  Not only was he Master Chef of the Griddle, but he also woke up early on his sleep-in day so I could shower and he drove to his parents so I would have a stroller to shuttle Eirinn around the tundra in.  Sank-coo, AH.
  6. Little People were played with and books were coloured in by Eirinn and Lucy during the hour between lunch and nap.  It was the cutest thing watching them interact.  As an illustration of their differences, while colouring, Eirinn talked all of us through what she was doing and demanded invited us to colour with her.  Lucy, meanwhile, was quietly examining the Magic Markers, figuring out the science behind their magic-ness, assembling and re-assembling them, all without so much as a whisper.                                                                                    picture-254.jpgpicture-258.jpgpicture-261.jpg
  7. Absolutely conked out from all the early-waking, friend-visiting, bus-riding, Apple-festing, can-cake-eating, play-play-playing, Eirinn slept from 1:30 to 4:45, and only woke up because my face was all up in her grill saying “WAKE UP, LAZY, OR YOU WON’T SLEEP TONIGHT.”
  8. And last but not least.  Her time after dinner was spent doing…whatever this is.  I don’t know.


Ok, so because I a) felt guilty for missing Friday or b) talk too much, we ended up with a Friday Five, Saturday Six, Sunday Seven, A List With Eight Points And No Catchy Title Because There Isn’t A Day Of The Week That Starts With ‘E’.

Friday Five – Stuff she did that made me laugh

Eirinn is our little comedian.  She loves to make people laugh.  Strike that.  She loves to make herself laugh and she laughs when other people are laughing.  See the difference?  Wednesday she was especially on.  She was cracking me up all day.  Here is a brief rundown of what made her my Last Comic Standing on Wednesday:

  • At lunch she kept yelling “Mama.  Halp.”  I’d walk around the corner to see her laying haphazardly on the bottom of four steps, with one hand and one foot planted squarely and safely on the floor.  I stood her up, called her a silly goof, and went back to where I was.  “Mama.  HALP.”  And again I rescue.  “Mama!  HALP!”  But this time I hadn’t gone back around the corner.  I watched the gooner call for help before she was even on the step.  Mooonkey.  
  • My dad has his own language when he speaks to Eirinn.  Any and all conversations kind of sound like this, on his end – “Wuzzy, wuzzy, wuzzy?”  Yesterday my dad called and of course Eirinn had to talk on the phone or she would simply die.  Her side of the conversation, which was all I could hear, went kind of like “Papa?  Wuzzy, wuzzy?”  And a few minutes of silence, and she pointed at my mom.  More silence.  She points to Bosco.  Silence.  Me.  I think he was asking her where we all were, and she didn’t really get that he couldn’t see her pointing.
  • I brought a plastic fireman firewoman firepersons hat home from work.  Normally she detests hats.  Or anything that touches her head.  Or anything that even thinks about touching her head.  But for some reason, this hat was kind of cool.  I did good, for once.  She would put it on and take it off and then she started squershing it and asking for halp to fix it.  You guessed it.  She was asking for halp before the hat got it.


  • Remembering the earlier phone call from Papa, she made up a new verse to “Grandfather Clock”.  For the uninformed, this little diddy goes “The grandfather clock goes tick…tock…tick…tock.  The kitchen clock goes ticktockticktock, and mommy’s watch goes TICKYTICKYTICKY (tickling).”  We were singing this in the bathtub when I stopped singing to get her toothbrush (which was within arms reach), but she continued.  I heard “Papa keeyock ah WUZZY WUZZY WUZZY.”  Good remembering.  Good singing.  Good composition.
  • And last but not least, Anonymous Husband has found a new hockey buddy.  Well, maybe in uniform only because when she wasn’t asking for Dora or Diego she was reading and looking generally, all together uninterested.  Haha.  Mommy’s little girl.


Friday Five – Why I’m A-Scared

Every day Eirinn surprises me with how much she knows and how quickly, easily and eagerly she learns.  She absorbs everything, even that which I’d prefer she did not.  Like, for example, someone made it seem as though, ahem, tooting was funny which she picked up on and now thinks it’s knee-slappingly hilarious to pass gas.  It’s pretty scary for mommy, though, when she’s in the bath tub because she calls toots “poop”, and when you say “poop” in a bubble bath mom-panic is sure to ensue.

What was I talking about?  Oh, yes.  Her clear and evident brilliance.  In honour of her ingenuity, this week’s Friday Five is “Top Five Reasons Why Eirinn Is A Bloody Genius” or “How She’s Smarter Than Me And Why I Fear The Teenage Years.”

1.  She knows the alphabet song.  Not the whole alphabet, but the song and several of the letters in the right spot.  The song as sung by Eirinn goes something like this:  “Ay eee see DEE eee ash ee AYCH eye ay em en o PEE ooo awr hess eee ooo bee DABULOO ess ah shee.”  She misses some of the letters sometimes, but she’s really very good.  But she’s also getting tired of this trick and will only sing the song in the car.

2.  She is a professional manipulator already.  A week or so ago we were driving and she wanted ‘ooot, ooot’ of her car seat, which, of course, was not possible as we were in motion.  I explained this to her and she seemed satisfied with the answer.  She was quiet for a few minutes, and you could almost hear the gears turning in her little head.  “Mommy?” (this was where I should have known something was up – she only ever calls me Mom) “Hug?”  Awww…little jerk.  Of course, I would have to let her out of her seat in order to give her a hug.  She didn’t bank on me being able to resist a hug, although it was nearly impossible.

3.  She can say several multiple syllabic words and she uses them correctly.  A small sampling: delicious, crocodile, Alicia (Diego’s sister, for the un-enlightened), Cinderella, elephant (although she pronounces this one “alumpalump”, it’s too cute an attempt not to count).  There are some adults who can’t pronounce words that long.  Most of them drool, but I’ve met more than a few.

4.   She can dribble a soccer ball.  Not just hoof it three feet to the left.  She uses both feet, while running, bobbing and weaving.  And she only sometimes picks up the ball.  I gently remind her that “Excuse, me?  That’s a HAND BALL you cheater!” and she totally just puts it back down and we continue our friendly.

5.  Somehow (I honestly don’t know how) she convinced me, in broken English, to let her watch Diego again.  And somehow (seriously, does anyone know how it happened?) I threw Dora into the deal.  And not just one a day.  However many she wants.  Which seems to be no less than two of each.  Man, she’s good.

*ps – I know this post was technically published on Thursday.  I pressed the button prematurely.  Eirinn wouldn’t have done that.  That’s why she’s a certifiable genius and I’m only mildly intelligent.  I hope she never needs help with math homework.

Friday Five – Characteristics

I don’t care what Eirinn becomes, vocationally, when she grows up. Whatever she chooses I will be proud of her. Within reason. If she decided that her life-long aspiration is to become a Roadkill Recovery Technician, I might not brag to all my friends. But there are characteristics I do hope she takes with her into adulthood. 

In no particular order:

1. Patience.  So far it’s not looking good, but one can only hope. Patience will have to be a learned trait for Little Miss “Give me Swiper RIGHT NOW and if he’s not on that screen by the time I blink I will scream and cry and bonk my head on the coffee table in a fit of rage and won’t you be sorry then?”

2. Humour. She is so hilarious now. She is silly and goofy and loves to make people laugh. For example, she loves to point out your eyes, mouth (moush), teeth, ears, nose, up-your-nose…

3. Compassion. I want Eirinn to feel for others. To offer help to those who need it and to those unable to ask. I hope she is kind to animals and treats them like the little people in fur coats that they are.

4. Confidence. I want her to believe in herself; in her abilities and her intelligence. I want her to be confident enough to try difficult things because she is capable of achieving anything.

5. Courage. This one is the most important to me, mostly because I wish I had more of it myself. I hope she isn’t afraid to stand up for herself or for others who are unable. I hope she is willing to stand out and to be unique, even if she encounters critics. I hope she is brave enough to fly when it’s easier to keep both feet on the ground. To take chances, risks. To have the courage to be herself when she’s told to be someone else.

There are more, so many more, characteristics and traits I wish for her to both inherit and independently develop. Kindness, politeness, intelligence, humility, honesty. It was so hard to pick just five; maybe it should have been the Friday Fifteen this week. But, like I said, whatever she becomes I will be proud of her and love her endlessly and unconditionally.

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