The results are in…finally!


Eirinn’s going to have a little sister! 

To be honest, I kind of knew it.  I don’t think even once the thought that this fetupus might be a boy crossed my mind.  It always felt like a girl to me.  However, everyone else who ventured a guess was certain it was a boy.  So certain that most of them wouldn’t even bother starting the sentence with “I think”, it was “I know”. 

I’m going to keep it in the back of my mind that there is still the possibility that this may be a boy (even though the sonographer assured us that he “saw nothing hanging” – direct quote).  Just in case.  But in the meantime and for all intents and purposes, I can now envision our family as mom, dad, and two girls. 

Anonymous Husband’s initial reaction was joy.  Eirinn is his heart and early on he said two girls would be nice because girls are so sweet. 

His next reaction was that another girl is the cheaper option, at least at the beginning stages.  Hand-me-downs galore!

And finally, as we were walking out of the hospital, he turned to me and said “That’s a lot of women.”  I could sense the terror in his voice as he imagined his life for the next 18 years.

So, yay!  We know!  And it’s a girl!  I love pink!

Disclaimer in case the sonographer was wrong and “she’s” actually a “he”: I would have been excited if the baby was a boy, too.  I’m just relieved to find out, either way.  And I also love blue.


2 Responses to “The results are in…finally!”

  1. 1 Stefanie Thrasher March 12, 2008 at 11:56 am

    Congratulations!!! 2 princesses!! Either way it is sooo exciting for Eirinn to have a sibling and for you guys to become a family of 4! I should have known it was a girl though since I had a dream about you having a boy and I really did think it was going to be a boy. I am 99% wrong whenever I guess a gender of anyone’s baby (including my 2nd pregnancy which I would have bet my life was another girl). Anyway, that really is exciting that Eirinn will have a built in BFF! Now you and AH can start narrowing down names which is always a fun part of being preggers! Although, you could just stick with Fetapus!

  2. 2 Karla March 14, 2008 at 10:14 am

    Congratulations. 🙂
    I’m with Stephanie. You could totally stick with Fetapus and go for that celebrity uber hip name fad.

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