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Birthday Party #1

Eirinn and Lucy had their joint birthday party yesterday.  This was Day 1 of Eirinn Is Two celebrations.  I think it was Day Seventy Hundred for Lucy.  She’s an old veteran at the “this party is all about me (me, me, me) so just get your grubby hands off that cupcake already because I’m the birthday week month girl and I GO FIRST” deal.  Eirinn was the rookie, but she soon caught on.  Anything that involves a) cupcakes, and b) being selfish, sounds like an ok gig to her.

They went to a local indoor baby playground (totally awesome, by the way, and I would totally recommend moving near one as your sole reason to relocate) and invited a handful of their mommies’ own closest friends.  Pay no attention to Eirinn in the corner eyeballing me because, besides Lucy, she had never met any of these kids.  They were her closest friends, I swear.

The first half was spent with Eirinn being, by far, the craziest ADHD lunatic in the joint – running at full-tilt, yelling, jumping on anything that would allow her to bounce and anything that didn’t because JUMPING IS AWESOME, stealing Pooh Bear balls from unsuspecting younger boys, yelling, hanging with the older crowd, making a pact with one new friend to break at least one limb each, JUMPING, yelling, and making friends with everyone because she didn’t know the kids invited to the party anyway.  Needless to say, she had fun. 

The second half was in the separate room where Lucy’s mom Carly and I brought lunch and cupcakes to rudely interrupt the crazy feed the party-goers.  We stuffed their faces with sandwiches and fruit and veggies and sugar, spanked them all soundly and sent them to bed.  But not until the three two-year old girls engaged in a 1-2-3-GO! race to burn off the calories.  This ended in a massive head wound bumped head and one upset little Lucy.

Eirinn was a perfectly charming little angel, laughing and talking up a storm and being her usual social butterfly.  She only threw one teensy minor tantrum when it was time to go home.  In her defense, throwing tantrums when it’s time to leave is totally the cool thing to do.  Everyone was doing it. 

Now, enjoy the slideshow:


Yes, this blur of a flying little person is Eirinn.  This is what she looked like most of the morning.  And this was before the sugar.


This velcro wall was fun.  It was almost like a puzzle, only not so bossy.


There was a whole collection of vehicles the tots could cruise the room in.


More craziness.  Trust me, this is just about as good as the camera could get.  You should have seen Anonymous Husband and I frantically trying to figure out how the camera could capture even faster motion.  She was certainly testing the limits of technology.


Synchronized candle-extinguishing.


“What just one cotton-picking minute.  Hers has way more icing than mine.”


And the day ended as it began.  With running and crazy and yelling.  So.  Much.  Fun.

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