Two major developments

Eirinn went pee pee in her potty today!  For the first time!  On purpose!  AWESOME!

We’re still not potty training her, but first thing this morning she asked to use the potty.  I was all “hubba-wha?”, but I snapped out of it and obliged.  There was no action, but that’s ok.  The desire to use the potty is a good first step.  At least she doesn’t hate the thing.

I’ve learned that most mornings she releases the floodgates fills her diaper to capacity pees at approximately somewhere between 10 and 11.  How specific, you say?  Well, anyone who has run errands and packed exactly 3 diapers, only to be off by one tragic diaper, knows that the timing of the bodily functions in babies and toddlers is not an exact science. 

Anyway, so at about 10, I asked her if she wanted to use the potty again, and I got a resounding YEAH!  We read two potty books while she was perched on her throne.  And what did we receive as reward for our efforts?  A PIDDLE!  If measured, it would have probably been an eighth of a teaspoon, but so what?  We Had Action!

We clapped, we cheered, we hugged, we partay-ed.  Then we parlayed directly into a full blown temper tantrum because I wanted her to *gasp* get dressed for the day.  Could I be any meaner a mom?


She has also nearly weaned herself off of the bottle.  She was only getting one before nap and one before bed but as of last week, she has decided that bottles are, and I quote, “Bleck.”

Great!  Except she won’t drink milk from a cup.  Un-great.  I’ll have to either improve my power of coercion or come up with more creative ways to get enough calcium into her.  Luckily, yogurt, shredded cheese, and steamed broccoli aren’t “Bleck.”


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