That’ll teach him

Eirinn got Tickle Me Elmo last year for Christmas.  The TMX version.  Have you seen this in action?  As a grown up, I think it’s pretty darn cool.  He laughs and shakes like the original, but he also throws himself to the ground, rolls around, slaps his hand on the floor, and is all-round hilarious.  Most people probably find him annoying, and admittedly after being “tickled” more than 3 times he can grate on my nerves, but I think he’s cute.

Eirinn has been afraid of him right from the start.  I can see how he would be a little overwhelming to someone less than 3 feet tall.  So, he’s never been played with all that much.  Until this weekend.

On her daddy-morning (we take turns sleeping in on the weekend – I highly recommend this become an immediate deal you make with your husband if you are a new mother), they rediscovered Elmo.  While still nervous of him, she cautiously observed as he giggled and vibrated his way through the playroom. 

When he was finished doing his ‘thing’, she got brave, crept up to him and, using proper football technique, hoofed him as far as she could.  That’ll teach him.

And, of course, that got a full 5 minutes of roaring laughter from Anonymous Daddy.  And because this got laughter, it’s all she wants to do now.  “Tickle” Elmo and send him flying.  She even took him to daycare so she could kick Elmo all day.


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