The Winner, by TKO…

Eirinn has a cold.  Not a bad one, but she definitely has that air of sick around her.  And flowing out of her nose in a green translucent ooze streaming straight down into her mouth.  And smeared across her cheeks.  And stringing from the nostril to anything she has kissed, drank from, or rubbed up against.  And she sounds like a smoker.  A 20 month old, two-pack-a-day, one-puff-from-a-tracheotomy smoker.

But I haven’t given her any medication.  Why?  Because I’m a horrible mother who likes to watch my daughter suffer?  No.  Because she’s not acting sick.  Besides the ridiculous mood swings, which may in fact be premature Terrible Twos, but that is something to be debated.  Other than that, she is fine.  She’s playing as hard as ever, eating as irregularly and infrequently as ever, and sleeping only as long as what is humanly required.  As Per Usual.  So I haven’t drugged her up with anything other than fluids.  I figure (with a fair amount of scientific evidence to back me up) that she can fight this cold on her own and it will only strengthen her immune system for the future.

Kind of like our version of bare knuckle boxing. 

Good luck to you, Cold.  I’ve tried fighting Eirinn and TRUST ME, you will not win.


1 Response to “The Winner, by TKO…”

  1. 1 Carly November 21, 2007 at 1:33 pm

    Don’t you love it when the snot gets caked in crusty strings across their face? Then they fight you when you try to get them off?

    Oh, the joy of colds.

    Get well soon, lil Tornado.

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