Once upon a time…

…in a land far, far away lived a princess baby.  This princess baby was scheduled to have her portrait taken at the week’s end.  This portrait will capture her as the beautiful fairy princess that she is.

Now, this princess baby can be very clumsy, a trait passed on from generation to generation.  Loses her balance while standing still, bumps her chin on the coffee table.  She also, at times, finds herself entranced by the eerie glowing squawk-box in her castle.  This glowing box can hypnotize her, and when combined with the clumsiness, accidents occur beyond her control.

Like the one that happened on Wednesday; 4 days before Portrait Day.  Mesmerized by some show or another (Diego, most likely), Eirinn walked full-steam into the wall.  She now, two days later, has a big, purple bruise on her left cheek.  She looks battered.  Not a look befitting a fairy princess.  She also has a rash on her chin from teething.  Real purdy-like.

These portraits require a costume – fairy princess dress, flowery crown, fairy wings.  Out of those three things, I might, might, be able to force her into the dress.  The crown will be flung across the room with an angry grunt and the wings with either be pulled off and broken (and I’ll have to pay for them) or they will be an immense distraction and the picture will be of her craning her head around to see the wings.  It will be of her back.

So here are my options:

1.  Front shot of a beaten and battered face, probably angry and yelling.

2.  Back shot, probably angry and yelling anyway.

Whatever.  She’ll decide; it’s not up to me.  We’ll call it “art” and pretend we chose the shot on purpose.

* 12:17 pm – “I read your blog post today and I think it’s going to be much, much worse,” said Bugba.


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