Lunch, redux

Eirinn’s eating habits have been easily less than stellar since we started introducing solids at 6 months old.  She has been varying degrees of Superbly Picky, Hog-at-a-Trough, and anorexic.  And these phases are unpredictable at best.  Literally one day she’ll eat everything and anything faster than you can refill said trough and the very next day she won’t want to even smell food and the sight of it offends her deeply.  Some days she’ll try anything you offer her; others she only wants Goldfish crackers and Cheerios.  She only drinks water from a strawed sippy cup and milk from a bottle at sleep times and NO OTHER COMBINATION IS ACCEPTABLE.  No water in a spouted sippy, no milk in any kind of cup, no juice at all.

All of this makes it very difficult to prepare a nutritious lunch or dinner for her.  If she eats vegetables and meat one day, there’s no guarantee that she’ll eat them the next.  The best I can do is make something for her and hope that she’s in an eating sort of mood.

Carbs are usually a good bet.  She’ll eat most kinds of carbohydrates, especially if they can be topped with syrup.  Complex carbohydrates and refined sugar don’t make a very well rounded diet, but what choice do I have when my options are feeding her waffles for the third day in a row or let her go with no lunch? 

I’ll often stand my ground at dinner time.  She’s been served the same food we eat since she was a year old.  If she doesn’t want what she’s offered, she isn’t given a second choice.  As my mom always said to us, this isn’t a restaurant.  And if children are offered food that they honestly like (I would never force her to eat something I know she doesn’t like), they’ll eat it if they’re hungry.

We’ve had a good couple of days, eating-wise (knock on wood, cross my fingers, hold my breath).  Last night she ate a whole baby plate of baked french fries, two real chicken nuggets and two sausage rolls.  With ketchup, of course.  And today she quote “ate her way through the morning” end quote, according to my mom.  Then, for lunch, she had one and a half sandwiches.  It would have been two sandwiches, but Murphy The Murph-man Murph swiped a half for his own lunch.

I just hope she grows out of this unpredictable eating behaviour.  I hope she isn’t picky forever.  I’d like her to be able to enjoy things like shellfish and vegetables and pasta with me.  Her father won’t eat them and if she doesn’t either, I’ll be alone.  Forever.  Sitting in a corner eating my crab and mushroom alfredo wishing I had someone to share it with.


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