Peeing on the floor is bad

Not that we’re trying to potty train Eirinn yet, but after every bath I ask her if she wants to go peepee on the potty.  Every night she says ‘yes’.  And every night she sits on the potty for approximately, and no more than, 0.03 seconds before she gets up to do something more interesting than sitting on the pot, naked.  And, of course, there is no piddle action to speak of.  But I’m not disappointed because she’s only (almost) 20 months old and we haven’t started Hardcore Potty Training Boot Camp quite yet.  We’re saving that vacation destination for Christmas holidays.  That’ll make for a hap, hap, happy Christmas, all round, I’m sure.

Tonight she said she wanted to go peepee on the potty.  Well, when asked, she agreed to sit on the potty.  Same thing.  We sat her down and she got up.  As per usual.  This time she went just out of my reach and sat on the floor.  And peed.  On the floor.  And then, joy, she played in it.  For just as long as it took me to dive over to her and sit her little peepee butt back on the potty.  But she definitely contaminated her hands.  Anonymous Husband was quick to point out that I shouldn’t freak out because pee is antiseptic.  Or something. 

Still.  It’s gross.  So we had to re-wash her, wipe up the pee, Vim the peed-on floor (both the initial puddle and the trail leading from the puddle to the potty), and somehow find balance between “Peeing on the floor is bad” and “Good girl!  You got one minuscule droplet of pee into the potty when Mommy chucked you on it mid-piddle!”


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