Friday Five – New Toddler-isms

Here’s a list of toddlerisms that Eirinn recently started.

  1. This one’s fun. When she starts to sing a song, I usually join in to help her along with the words and to, you know, interact with her. Now, she’ll start singing and I’ll join in and she’ll yell at me! “NO!” Ok, fine. I guess my singing voice must really suck if my 19 month old doesn’t want to hear it.
  2. Also, she will NOT wear a bib anymore. Which would be fine if she was a tidy eater, but she isn’t. She’s been feeding herself for many months now but it still gets on her clothes. We’ve tried bribing her with ketchup (as in, she has to wear a bib or she can’t eat ketchup), we’ve tried us wearing one too (ya, ya, laugh it up), we’ve tried distracting her and sneeking it on. Nope. There will be no more bib wearing because she is not a baby.
  3. I tried to cut her fingernails last night in the bath, where I usually do it, and she freaked out. As though she thought I was cutting whole limbs off, not just the nails. She was crying big, huge baby tears and calling for Anonymous Husband to help her (“Anonymous daaaaaaaaddy? Haaaaalp!”) and wiggling. She’s never done that before.
  4. And speaking of baths, she now talks to her reflection in the tap.  AS THOUGH IT WERE ANOTHER PERSON. And this other person?  Oooo, she’s bad!  She must be very rude because Eirinn yells at her and hits her in the tummy and gets very frustrated.  The mommy reflection should be punishing the Eirinn reflection because she deserves it for being so mean to real Eirinn.
  5. She’s so loud!  The yelling is non-stop and impressive.  She can reach a volume I previously would have only expected to come from some sort of electronic machinery.  And she loves to yell.  If she runs out of actual things to yell about, she’ll just yell “AHHH!!!” so that she can still hear her own voice.  Clearly our next lesson will be the difference between our indoor voices and screaming bloody murder outdoor voices.

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