Energy to burn

Eirinn has always had a lot of energy.  I don’t know where she gets it from because Anonymous Husband and I are one snore away from being permanently unconscious.  That is to say, we do not have a lot of energy.  But Eirinn does.  Even compared to other toddlers, she’s hyper.  She’ll run laps around furniture for hours, stopping only to hop, yell “MOMMY!  COLOUR!”, smack the dog lovingly, and then back to running. 

Some people use this just as an expression but with her, it’s true – I’m exhausted just watching her.  That’s because “watching her” involves keeping pace with her sprints, running defence for Bosco, catching flying toys before they crash into something ding-able.  And I’m not even going to describe to you how diapers get changed; I’ll pass out finding the words.  I nearly spontaneously combusted on Friday when my mom told me that she’s never changed a diaper while the baby or toddler was standing up.  What?!?!  Never?  She does daycare and has changed the diaper of literally dozens and dozens of children.  None of them have been standing?  Not only have I mastered the vertical diaper change, I’ve also perfected changing a diaper while Eirinn is running.  Yes, running.  That’s vertical + motion, people.  I certainly didn’t sign up for vertical + motion diaper changes when I was inking the whole parent deal, but I adapted and found a new skill I didn’t think I’d ever need to find.

The past couple of days have been exponentially worse.  Strike that.  I hate to say worse because I don’t necessarily think it’s a bad thing.  Yes, it’s exhausting.  Yes, it can be frustrating.  But how can I possibly be upset about her being…hmm…spirited?  I can’t see how I can.  Anyway, she has been extra…spirited…these past couple of days, which has conveniently coincided with a few days of me having less than normal energy.  We need to coordinate our schedules better because I am drained.  DRAINED.  Yesterday I napped while she napped and I still fell asleep on the couch at 9:30 with Transformers playing in the background. 

At 19 months, she is just at the Dawn of Toddler-dom, so I best get used to it.  I’m trying.  I’m realizing that sometimes it’s ok to have toys strewn from one end of the house to the other.  If I have to chase her all day to make sure that she is safe and happy, then the toys can wait until she goes to bed.  I also know that if I have to put on Dora so that I can sit for half a second, then Dora’s going on.  Maybe even two or three episodes in a row. 

There is a bonus for me out of all Eirinn’s portable chaos – she’s an excellent diet plan.  Not only do I not have time to sit and eat bonbons (which I would totally do if I could), it’s a 24 hour cardio workout like no other.


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