Friday Five – Pictures from before (also, One Day Late 2)

It’s been one of those days weeks and I’m not feeling all that funny/creative/nice.  So instead of totally abandoning my legions of loyal readers, I thought I’d cop-out post some of my favourite pictures from before I started blogging my life away.  In the spirit of being fair, I will give you my top 6 for being a day late (again…) on the Friday Five.

1.   eirinn-009.jpg

This was Eirinn at Easter, 2006.  She was 5 weeks old.  She looks either bored with this whole Easter deal or ready to order another round.  She was going through one of her ‘eat every hour and a half and watch mommy go insane’ phases, so she’s probably ordering another round.

2.  eirinn-011.jpg

Is this not the cutest little bunny picture ever?  Miffy’s got nothing on her.  She was just over 2 months old there.  Which means we were lucky to get a picture where she isn’t screaming.  She screamed a lot.  A.  LOT.  But looking back at pictures like this makes me forget about that just for a little while.

3.  eirinn-013.jpg

You’ll see this picture in my banner.  It’s a classic.  She was screaming before and after I took it because of that bonnet.  It was so ridiculous, it was both adorable and almost child abuse to put it on her.  But I made her wear it.  Often.  The look of terror is because of the red light on the camera.  Scaaaaa-ry.

4.  eirinn_070.jpg

Never has there been a t-shirt more suited to one person than this one as it relates to Eirinn. 

5.  picture-004.jpg

Remember the part in Peter Pan when his shadow is misbehaving and it has to be sewn back onto his foot?  It’s right at the beginning.  This picture reminds me of that.  It looks like she’d been chasing her shadow around the room and finally did a flying tackle and has it clenched in her little hands.  If only someone would be kind enough to put the stupid camera down and pin it back onto her.  Plus it’s one of the first pictures where you can see some peach-fuzz hair.  Poor girl was bald for way too long.

And the bonus number 6. 

Eirinn actually participated in Halloween last year.  We went to a local pumpkin patch with our Babyville group and it was the best thing ever seeing all the little babies in their costumes sitting amongst the pumpkins.  Eirinn, surprisingly, was the only one dressed up as an actual pumpkin.  She also looks unamused.

I’m sad looking at this picture because I don’t think she’s going to let me put a costume on her this year.  I tried forcing it on her again today, but it just turned into a wrestling match with a lot of crying and yelling.  I tried making it sound fun to wear it.  I tried wearing the hat myself.  I tried sneaking it on her.  Nothing seems to be working and I’m giving up hope of getting an adorable Halloween, Year 2 picture.  Maybe I’ll just Photoshop her head onto a picture of the costume and be done with it.  Less stress, no mess.


2 Responses to “Friday Five – Pictures from before (also, One Day Late 2)”

  1. 1 Stefanie Thrasher October 28, 2007 at 2:29 pm

    I just love picture #2, so cute! They all are!

  2. 2 Jeff Miller May 7, 2008 at 12:45 pm

    Hi. I am a professor at the University of Arkansas in the Dale Bumpers College of Agricultural, Food, and Life Sciences. I am involved in a research and education project related to promoting agritourism, and I am putting together a poster presentation on this topic for an upcoming conference.

    Using a Google image search, my colleagues and I found this great photo of your Eirinn in the pumpkin patch. We would like to use it as the the primary image in our poster.

    The poster will be seen by a couple hundred agricultural education professors at a research conference in Reno, NV. The photo will be used for no other purpose.

    We hope you will give us your permission to use your photo. Thanks.

    Dr. Jefferson Miller, Associate Professor
    University of Arkansas

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