Friday Five – Things she learned this week

I brag a lot about Eirinn.  I know.  But it’s because she amazes me more and more and in different ways every day.  By the reaction of my mom when Eirinn does something genius-like, I can tell that she’s way more advanced than I ever was.  If that’s the case, logic would lead me to believe that she is going to be smarter than me.  WAY smarter than me.  Oh, who am I kidding?  She’s already smarter than me.

This week she had a turbo-charged learning week.  She flipped her brain to Hyper-Drive Warp Speed and now knows everything.  Literally.  She can do advanced linear algebra, has a masters in Shakespearean theatre, began Swahili 101, completed Spanish for beginners, and finished her first 1000 piece 3D puzzle.  Well, not quite, but close.

Here are five things Eirinn learned this week:

  1. How to count to 12.  She can (key word being can, as in she doesn’t do it every time) count to 12, in order, not missing any of the numbers.  Brilliant.
  2. The alphabet.  Her version is now complete, A to Z, but still has a thick baby-accent.  I can understand her perfectly, and the alphabet is correct.  Genius.
  3. Knows that hello in Swahili is ‘jamba’.  No joke.  There’s a Diego episode (surprise, surprise) that takes place in Africa and the boy says hello and she responds with “Jamba!”, which is right.  Smartypants.
  4. Her Spanish vocabulary now includes: ayuda me (help me), abuela (grandmother), abuelo (grandfather), soy (say or I am, I’m not sure; she’s the Spanish speaking one in the family, not me), rojo (red), azul (blue), uno (one), dos (two), tres (three), quatro (four).  I’m sure there’s more, but a foreign language mixed with baby-accent makes it difficult even for a mother to understand.  Desgarrado.
  5. She has conquered her first puzzle.  It’s only 6 pieces, but it’s a real puzzle, not one where the shapes go into the cutouts.  She has a little trouble with the dexterity of it, but she puts the pieces where they are supposed to go and just needs out help snapping them into place.  Mommy has run out of synonyms for ‘smart’, so…Smart.

Bonus bullet:  She has learned all the lyrics to the theme songs for Go Diego, Go and Dora the Explorer.  Don’t role your eyes.  I’ve done enough of that for all of us.


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