4 things Eirinn ate today

  1. A Colour Wonder marker in a light blue flavour.  That was the second one she ate.  The first one was orange.
  2. A puzzle piece.  What’s a puzzle with one eaten piece?  Garbage.
  3. One cell phone button.  The number 6.  Princess Cell Phone will never be the same again because if you want to remove a cell phone button with your mouth you must use copious amounts of drool.  And drool and electronics don’t mix very well.
  4. And the most bizarre and surprising thing eaten all day?  Salad.  For lunch she ate a Greek salad; lettuce, feta cheese, olives, tomatoes and all.  The girl won’t eat yogurt with chunks of fruit and she ate a salad for lunch.  I will never understand her.

* Note: Besides the salad, none of these items were actually consumed, only chewed (the marker; which is non-toxic, by the way), bit (the cell phone button), and sucked on (the puzzle piece), before they were confiscated and Eirinn was reprimanded for the bajillionth time.  Who told her it was funny to get reprimanded?  It’s not.  I’m scary.  But for some reason Eirinn thinks “scary” is funny.


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