Friday Five – Stuff she did that made me laugh

Eirinn is our little comedian.  She loves to make people laugh.  Strike that.  She loves to make herself laugh and she laughs when other people are laughing.  See the difference?  Wednesday she was especially on.  She was cracking me up all day.  Here is a brief rundown of what made her my Last Comic Standing on Wednesday:

  • At lunch she kept yelling “Mama.  Halp.”  I’d walk around the corner to see her laying haphazardly on the bottom of four steps, with one hand and one foot planted squarely and safely on the floor.  I stood her up, called her a silly goof, and went back to where I was.  “Mama.  HALP.”  And again I rescue.  “Mama!  HALP!”  But this time I hadn’t gone back around the corner.  I watched the gooner call for help before she was even on the step.  Mooonkey.  
  • My dad has his own language when he speaks to Eirinn.  Any and all conversations kind of sound like this, on his end – “Wuzzy, wuzzy, wuzzy?”  Yesterday my dad called and of course Eirinn had to talk on the phone or she would simply die.  Her side of the conversation, which was all I could hear, went kind of like “Papa?  Wuzzy, wuzzy?”  And a few minutes of silence, and she pointed at my mom.  More silence.  She points to Bosco.  Silence.  Me.  I think he was asking her where we all were, and she didn’t really get that he couldn’t see her pointing.
  • I brought a plastic fireman firewoman firepersons hat home from work.  Normally she detests hats.  Or anything that touches her head.  Or anything that even thinks about touching her head.  But for some reason, this hat was kind of cool.  I did good, for once.  She would put it on and take it off and then she started squershing it and asking for halp to fix it.  You guessed it.  She was asking for halp before the hat got it.


  • Remembering the earlier phone call from Papa, she made up a new verse to “Grandfather Clock”.  For the uninformed, this little diddy goes “The grandfather clock goes tick…tock…tick…tock.  The kitchen clock goes ticktockticktock, and mommy’s watch goes TICKYTICKYTICKY (tickling).”  We were singing this in the bathtub when I stopped singing to get her toothbrush (which was within arms reach), but she continued.  I heard “Papa keeyock ah WUZZY WUZZY WUZZY.”  Good remembering.  Good singing.  Good composition.
  • And last but not least, Anonymous Husband has found a new hockey buddy.  Well, maybe in uniform only because when she wasn’t asking for Dora or Diego she was reading and looking generally, all together uninterested.  Haha.  Mommy’s little girl.



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