Friday Five – Why I’m A-Scared

Every day Eirinn surprises me with how much she knows and how quickly, easily and eagerly she learns.  She absorbs everything, even that which I’d prefer she did not.  Like, for example, someone made it seem as though, ahem, tooting was funny which she picked up on and now thinks it’s knee-slappingly hilarious to pass gas.  It’s pretty scary for mommy, though, when she’s in the bath tub because she calls toots “poop”, and when you say “poop” in a bubble bath mom-panic is sure to ensue.

What was I talking about?  Oh, yes.  Her clear and evident brilliance.  In honour of her ingenuity, this week’s Friday Five is “Top Five Reasons Why Eirinn Is A Bloody Genius” or “How She’s Smarter Than Me And Why I Fear The Teenage Years.”

1.  She knows the alphabet song.  Not the whole alphabet, but the song and several of the letters in the right spot.  The song as sung by Eirinn goes something like this:  “Ay eee see DEE eee ash ee AYCH eye ay em en o PEE ooo awr hess eee ooo bee DABULOO ess ah shee.”  She misses some of the letters sometimes, but she’s really very good.  But she’s also getting tired of this trick and will only sing the song in the car.

2.  She is a professional manipulator already.  A week or so ago we were driving and she wanted ‘ooot, ooot’ of her car seat, which, of course, was not possible as we were in motion.  I explained this to her and she seemed satisfied with the answer.  She was quiet for a few minutes, and you could almost hear the gears turning in her little head.  “Mommy?” (this was where I should have known something was up – she only ever calls me Mom) “Hug?”  Awww…little jerk.  Of course, I would have to let her out of her seat in order to give her a hug.  She didn’t bank on me being able to resist a hug, although it was nearly impossible.

3.  She can say several multiple syllabic words and she uses them correctly.  A small sampling: delicious, crocodile, Alicia (Diego’s sister, for the un-enlightened), Cinderella, elephant (although she pronounces this one “alumpalump”, it’s too cute an attempt not to count).  There are some adults who can’t pronounce words that long.  Most of them drool, but I’ve met more than a few.

4.   She can dribble a soccer ball.  Not just hoof it three feet to the left.  She uses both feet, while running, bobbing and weaving.  And she only sometimes picks up the ball.  I gently remind her that “Excuse, me?  That’s a HAND BALL you cheater!” and she totally just puts it back down and we continue our friendly.

5.  Somehow (I honestly don’t know how) she convinced me, in broken English, to let her watch Diego again.  And somehow (seriously, does anyone know how it happened?) I threw Dora into the deal.  And not just one a day.  However many she wants.  Which seems to be no less than two of each.  Man, she’s good.

*ps – I know this post was technically published on Thursday.  I pressed the button prematurely.  Eirinn wouldn’t have done that.  That’s why she’s a certifiable genius and I’m only mildly intelligent.  I hope she never needs help with math homework.


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