The power of Christ compelled her

This is probably going to be short, with poor grammer, incorrect spelling, run-on sentences, and improper use of punctuation.  Plus it probably won’t make much sense.  But I’m too tired to care.  Or to fix it.

We only got 4 hours and 15 minutes sleep at our house last night.  Well, ‘we’ as in Anonymous Husband and I; Eirinn slept like a log from 7:30 until 11.  That’s when all heck broke loose for three hours straight.  THREE HOURS.  And we both work today.  There was crying and sobbing and wailing and coughing and gagging from the combination.  And Eirinn was awake, too ba dum bum.  I’m sorry, that was cheese brought on by sheer exhaustion.

It might have been teething.  It might have been gas.  It might have been a pure, unadulterated evil possession requiring an exorcism.  I don’t know.  Whatever it was, Baby Gravol did the trick.  Well, it did the trick until 6:15 am when she was finally able to exorcise her demons (read: she pooped).  She could have at least slept in after a night like that.

I’ve instructed my coworkers to give me a swift kick to the shins if I start to get the head-nods.


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