Help no longer needed (for now)

I want to thank everyone who left comments on Help Wanted.  They were so helpful, you have no idea. 

After reading all of your suggestions and talking to other parents (including my own), I’ve come up with a pretty good plan that I think I’m happy with.  And, surprisingly, it doesn’t involve taking the soother away.  For now. 

I’m definitely going let her keep using the soother at nap and bedtime, as well as during the day when she really, really, needs it.  But, like I was told a few times, she is still so little and really, what harm does it do?  When she’s old enough to understand better, which, at the rate she learns, might be sooner than I think, we are going to do one of the ceremonies that you’ve suggested.  Haven’t decided which one.

This is an un-plan that I can live with.  Thanks!


1 Response to “Help no longer needed (for now)”

  1. 1 Stefanie Thrasher September 22, 2007 at 11:58 am

    That’s exactly what I did. She only had it for nap time and bedtime from 12 months to the time we took it away at 2.5 years. At 2.5 years, she was able to comprehend the she was a big girl and didn’t really need it anymore. Going to Gramma’s and forgetting the sous really worked for us but I think if you were to do one of the ceremony plans at a later age, she will be more accepting. Right now, it would just be crying and tantrums and she wouldn’t care to listen to any reasoning. So good un-plan! I often wish Owen DID take one! I tried (I even bought 3 different kinds) but he didn’t take to it. Aleah was my “sousoholic”.

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