Friday Five – a two-fer

I missed last week’s five, so this week I’ll do two.  Because I always repay my debts.

Five “Baby” Things I’m Going To Miss

  1. Her nighttime bottle – It is our special, quiet time when I can rock with her and kiss her little forehead and she has to let me because she is too busy enjoying her milk to defend herself.
  2. Being able to pick her up – Not that I carry her around now; neither my back nor Eirinn would tolerate that.  But if I need her to get from Point A to Point B faster than a snail’s pace, in a straight line, and avoiding all elements of danger, I can do the transporting myself.  Probably won’t work the same when she’s 15.
  3. Miniature things – Small clothes, baby utensils, pint-sized shoes, wee portions of food.  So cute.
  4. Our secret language – It’s actually just plain old English with a very thick baby accent, but I seem to be the only other person who can speak it fluently.
  5. The soft, sweet, squeek voice – Even when I’m being yelled at, she has a lovely little sound.  When it gets louder and deeper and she learns the more colourful side of the English language (which she will undoubtedly learn from her father, not me) it won’t be nearly as lovely.

Five “Baby” Things I’m Not Going To Miss

  1. Diapers – both their contents and the absolute, all out war that occurs while changing them.
  2. Teething – the crustiness, the sleep deprevation, the runny nose, the crustiness.
  3. Needles – could anything break your heart more than causing your child pain?  No matter how necessary.
  4. Night wakings – we’re down to one (usually), but it’s still interrupted sleep, none the less.  What I wouldn’t give to sleep eight hours IN A ROW…
  5. Obnoxiously coloured living room litter, disguised as rediculously expensive, over-packaged toys that, other than a few favourites, are mostly neglected and somehow turn themselves on at odd hours of the night to demand that I hug them.  And if I do hug them, I’m probably going to die from lead poisoning or choke on a magnet.

2 Responses to “Friday Five – a two-fer”

  1. 1 Stefanie Thrasher September 14, 2007 at 3:25 pm

    HA! You are too funny! I love #5 in the “Thing’s You Won’t Miss”. I am also right with you on the teething. I hate using the word “hate” but when it comes to teething, I “hate” it! I am also right with you with missing the bedtime bottle. Now I have that with Owen now but I remember at 15 months that ended with Aleah and I cried. That was the only thing I cried about it ending. I didn’t care about putting the infant car seat away or the crib coming down, but man I was sad when we stopped the night-night baba!

  2. 2 Nancy September 14, 2007 at 4:46 pm

    Great blog! I really enjoyed reading it today, you are so insightful!! I look forward to future updates.

    You wrote:

    “I have freakishly large hands. Like the infamous Seinfeld ‘man hands’. Almost. If you don’t believe me, I’ll show you. And I bet they’re bigger than yours.”

    Ok, prove it 🙂 They don’t look that big. I bet my hands are bigger.

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