What we did while Daddy was away

The Tickle Monster attacked!  Luckily she still wears diapers because she, for sure, peed her pants.  I think I even tickled a toot out.


Bosco’s tongue invaded our personal space bubbles.  Eirinn’s the only one who never seems to mind.  That will change.  When she learns to care about not sharing dog’s butt germs via tongue transfusion, she’ll change her tune.


“Is she making a funny face at her own reflection?”  Yes, indeedy.  She also kissed and hugged her reflection.  Well, wouldn’t you if your reflection was so cute?  No offence.


Bosco puffed out his chest and acted all majestic-like, growling and barking to scare away the pint-sized, tied up chihuahua three backyards over.  Good boy.  That runt was a clear and present danger, and surely would have demolished us, tearing us limb from limb, if it wasn’t for your bravery.



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