Water under the bridge

Dear Eirinn,

I’m sorry for being a Mrs. Mommy-Grumpy-Pants last week.  I’m a little out of practice in being a full-time parent, and I know you missed the kids at Bugba’s house.  I hope you can forgive me and we can still be friends.

And it really wasn’t all my fault, you know.  You could have gone a little easier on me, what with the yelling and the screaming and the unreasonable and impossible demands.  You really know how to make a difficult situation even worse, don’t you?

Anyway, water under the bridge.  Lesson learned.  Next year we will plan our vacation much better.  Only one week at a time and Bugba is not allowed to go anywhere.  A-N-Y-W-H-E-R-E (do you hear that, Bugba?).

Love your fully recovered and totally rejuvenated mom.

p.s. I take your new found love of hugs and kisses as your way of apologizing to me for your unruly behaviour.  And I forgive you.


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