After weeks of contemplating whether or not to cut her hair, during which it just kept growing, and resembled a sheep’s butt more everyday, I finally decided to go for it.  It was such a big decision because she really has very little hair.  It’s still baby-thin, and still doesn’t grow much on the sides.  Plus she went about 10 months of her life bald as an eagle save a ring around the back just like a monk.  But she grew this one chunk that went straight down into her eyes.  It started in the middle of her head and laid flat all the way past her eyebrows.  I was forced to give her a comb-over long before she had a chance to become old and crotchety.  And a man.  She also had this long, curly, fluff that stuck out behind her ears.  Definite mullet territory.  And I am so anti-mullet.  They make me throw up in my mouth.  Here’s the before, front, then back:


See the one chunk?  And here’s the mullet-esque sheep’s butt fluff:


You can also see the comb-over in that picture, too.  She’s the prettiest girl in the world, but she had very, very silly hair.

Lucky for me (and my pocketbook), my mom is a hairdresser by trade.  She has done all but two of my haircuts (one of which resulted in a vomit-inducing mullet and she immediately had to correct the awful mistakes made by a generously paid professional), so naturally she did Eirinn’s coif.  We distracted her by setting her on my lap and we colour, colour, coloured while my mom stealthly trimmed it up.  Absolutely painless.  Absolutely free!

And here is the after picture:


Cute, huh?  It’s like a baby version of a bob.  Well, as close as you can get without any side hair.


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