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Five things that made me proud

This weeks Friday Five is five things that made me proud.  I was a bad girl and forgot to do a five last week (and it was only the second week!  The shame!), so I’ll think really hard and make these five extra special.

  1. Eirinn played a game with AH and I last night.  It involved her running around the dining room table, making a pit stop at each of us to give us a huge hug and big, sloppy kiss.  I was so proud of her showing so much affection.
  2. When I picked up Bosco from the groomers, she told me that he had the softest fur she’d ever seen on a non-puppy.
  3. I hit a homerun during Tuesdays softball game!  Yay, me!  It had been about 6 years since I had even touched my cleats and glove when I started subbing on my sister’s team this year.  The feeling of hitting a homer is about as great a feeling in sports as there is.
  4. I swear.  I’m not lying.  I heard Eirinn count to 8.  She was mimicking the television, but it was as clear as day.
  5. After such a tough week, I haven’t killed anyone.  That’s something to be proud of, isn’t it?  Not that I’ve felt like killing anyone, but a few times I’ve wanted to run to my bathroom, lock the door, curl up into a ball and rock myself to sleep.

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