I never thought I’d say this…

…but two weeks vacation is too long.  I am completely tapped out of ideas of things to do to keep Eirinn entertained.  We’ve done the zoo, the park a few times, Little Feet, walks, toy store shopping, a playdate.  She’s too loud for the library, we’re not near any swimmable beaches, none of the farms around here are open to the public, and anything that requires driving is an excruciatingly painful experience for everyone involved. 

We’re now starting to really get on each others’ nerves.  All of us.  Eirinn and Anonymous Husband are frustrating me, I’m frustrating them, and they’re frustrating each other.  Oh, and the dogs are frustrating all of us, and they aren’t even doing anything.  We’ve all had enough of looking at each others mugs.  It’s been almost two weeks of just the three of us nearly exclusively and that’s too much for anyone, I think.  Especially when we’re used to going our separate ways during the day (the two grown-ups to work, Eirinn to daycare), and meeting up in the evening and on weekends.

Right now Eirinn is yelling in her crib.  She’s been up since 6:30 and it’s now 1:30 and I do believe she is refusing to sleep just to irritate me.  She’s pushing my buttons on purpose because that’s where we’re at.  But whatever.  She can yell all she wants.  I can only hear her when I have the monitor on and it is firmly off.  I’ll turn it back on when she stops.  So there, sucka.  She’ll fall asleep eventually and when she does I’ll have a nap, too.  Because, holy crap, being angry and frustrated and annoyed all the time is very tiring.


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