Zoo Adventures

Today’s vacation adventure was the Peterborough Zoo, formally named the Riverview Park and Zoo.  Say we lived in Peterborough, this place would rock as a day trip for a kidlet Eirinn’s age.  Besides the zoo, there is a massive playground with twirly slides, spring-activated see-saws, tubes to climb through, climby things.  There is a good sized water park for young ones (no water slides, but lots of sprayers and wading pools) and a little train that takes you on a ten minute mini Disney-inspired adventure, although I think it was even a little juvenile for Eirinn (a snake clearly fashioned out of dryer hose?), but they tried and that’s what counts.  The grounds are immaculate with mature trees, pretty landscaping and beautiful architecture.  The zoo animals are pretty basic, but that’s ok because the goat we saw first and a donkey were tied for Eirinn’s favourite.  I also love that the zoo is one of the highest ranked by Zoocheck, a watchdog organization that monitors zoo’s ethical treatment of animals, and receives their praise; the zoo in our town never fares very well in these rankings, which is disappointing. 


 Keep in mind I said ‘Say we lived in Peterborough…’ because it is about 45 minutes to an hour to get there from our place.  And 45 minutes to an hour in a hot car with a screaming, crusty, mega-beast is not, I repeat, NOT fun.  Oh, and we had to do that twice because, like it or not, we had to get home somehow.  She whined literally (and I don’t use that word lightly) the whole way there.  She would have whined the whole way home if I hadn’t got into the back seat, which, in itself, was a hilariously embarrassing story. 

After dealing with the crust for about 3 minutes, Anonymous Husband suggested I jump out of the car while at a red light and get into the back in order to a) entertain her on the way home and b) make sure she stays awake so she can have a proper length nap when we get there.  Well, I got out and ran lightening speed to the back, not out of fear of being run over while running through stopped traffic, but I didn’t want to annoy anyone by taking too long in case the light changed.  When I got to the back door, lo and behold, it was locked.  Gah!  I ran to the front and got back in to tear a strip off the now-hysterical AH.  In a panic (and the light was still red), he unlocked the door and I made the trip again, this time noticing the car behind us was filled with similarily hysterical men. 

Ha, ha, ha.  Laugh it up, boys.  Laugh it up.


1 Response to “Zoo Adventures”

  1. 1 Stefanie Thrasher August 29, 2007 at 9:44 am

    HA!!! Funny red light story! hehe, I shouldn’t be laughing. Love Eirinn’s outfit too! I haven’t been the Peterborough zoo for the exact reason that you stated. Too long of a drive! I hear great things about it though.

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