Summer Vacation 2007

Anonymous Husband and I are on two and a half weeks vacation right now.  We’re not doing anything in particular; just a lot of day trips, a lot of hanging out, a lot of maxin’ and relaxin’.  We went to a family barbeque yesterday to celebrate some of Anonymous Husband’s Irish family who are over here visiting.  Eirinn looked like this most of the time:


Check out the beer belly.  On her.  That’s from the carbs.  The Cheerios, crackers, toast, can-cakes, waffles, cereal, Newtons.  Anyway, all afternoon she was the cutest little performer.  Although, mostly she wasn’t doing anything special but still expected a round of applause.  She got to see some of her little cousins that she’s only seen a few times.  She especially liked ‘Elly’ (Liam), who’s almost 5. 

Today we went to Toys R Us and bought her first potty.  We got the Safety 1st Comfy Cushy 3-in-1 Potty.  Not that I expect her to start training yet, but I thought we could buy it to get her used to it.  I’m hoping we can go though the training over Christmas vacation.  I don’t think there is any point in trying until I’m confident that she is able to follow a series of instructions.  Knowing when she has to go, going to the washroom, pulling down the clothes, getting onto the toilet, wiping, flushing, washing hands – that’s an awful lot to expect from a 17 month old.  But, by the holy liftin’, 21 months should be perfect.

Hmmm…what else, what else…OH!  Her naps since vay-cay started have been fabulous.  Saturday was 3 1/2 hours long (!!!), Sunday was 2 1/2, and she’s stirring now after 2.  Hey, wait a minute…I’m noticing some sort of pattern.  Crap. 

*Update* Today’s nap was 3 hours!!!  She stirred, but settled herself back to sleep.  What a good girl.  This is huge, people, considering the first 10 months of her life was spent taking 20 minute naps.  Can’t get much done in 20 minutes.  Now I barely know what to do with myself.  Don’t look at the pile three piles of laundry, un-vacuumed carpet, and the 2 inch long dark roots in my desperately untrimmed hair.  I’ll get to those later.


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