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DD – Days 3 & 4

I think we’ve broken her!  We wore her down, stood our ground, and we won!  I think.  She hasn’t asked for Diego when the tv comes on since Day 2, and the singing of the Diego anthem has been kept to a minimum (like, only 10 times a day, instead of with every breath she exhaled).  She’s not crazy-eyed, foaming at the mouth, whispering ‘Eggo’ in her sleep, throwing fits of anger everytime we touch the remote and Diego doesn’t appear.  Which is a remarkable improvement from last weekend.

So now what?  A week isn’t up, but I’m never one to mark plans in stone.  I’m flexible.  Should I give it another day or two?  Not worry about it unless she asks?  It’s just so sad that I’ve taken away something she clearly loves more than life itself a lot. 

Now that we’ve made it through the rough spots, I feel like such a horrible mommy.  So mean!  Taking away a tv show, a perfectly appropriate tv show, just because she…what?  Actually enjoys it?  Well, there’s no sense guilt-tripping myself.  It is just a cartoon, afterall.  I’ll just buy myself Eirinn something sparkly and expensive and we’ll both feel better. 

Five things that made me smile this week

  1. Eirinn generously giving Bosco her new McDonalds toy (don’t have a coronary; she had a grilled cheese and apple slices) because he so desperately wanted it and Eirinn is such a good sharer.
  2. Hearing ‘clap, clap, clap, Eggo’ for the six bajillionth time, only this time, in the bathtub, it was ‘Diego’, clear as a bell.  Maybe she thought she couldn’t watch it because she was mispronouncing the star’s name.
  3. Eirinn was sitting beside me on the couch when my husband came over and asked her for a kiss goodbye.  She pushed the backs of the two of our heads together and said ‘Mommy’.  He would get a kiss from her only after he gave one to me.
  4. Her endless conversations on her real (broken) flip cell phone with Pawpaw, and Daddy, and Diego.  They are always so animated and very, very interesting.  She flips the phone, dials the number so intently, puts it to her ear and says ‘Ha-low?’ 
  5. While drying off after a bath, she asked me (in her own baby-language/broken English that apparently only I understand fluently) if she could sit on the ‘peepee’.  I put her up on the toilet and we had a hilariously loud chorus of ‘Peepee on the Potty’.  No action, but loads of fun.

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