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Diego Detox – Day 1

We started our Diego detoxification program yesterday.  I think it is going to be harder than I had anticipated.  This addiction runs deep.  We may need professional help.

This is how it’s going to go down, if we can stay strong: No Diego for one week.  After one week, one Diego episode maximum per day.  She can still watch her Little Bear and Rolie Polie Olie during breakfast and Franklin before bed.  But NO GO, DIEGO, GO until we’ve broke her of her unhealthy dependency.

Yesterday was scattered with random tearful outbursts of “Eggo?  Clap, clap, clap?”  It was so sad.  She even invented a new facial expression.  She pouts out her bottom lip, far enough to land aircraft, combined with Angry Eyes.   It’s like “Look at how sad I am.  Don’t you feel sorry for me?  Well, you better or I’ll punch you square in the mouth!”  She even tried the old ‘fake injury’ bit.  She was all “Oooo…booboo, booboo,” while pointing at a freckle.  “Oh, poor baby.  Do you want mommy to kiss it better?” “Eggo, Eggo!”  ARG!!!  The child is an evil genius.

She also somehow managed to talk us into pickles and ice cream for dinner.  How she did that is beyond my intellectual capacity, but I think it was a combination of guilt and the screaming that made us crack.  She’ll probably have scurvy by the end of the week.

But there was no Diego.  Pickles and ice cream for dinner, but, by golly, no Diego!

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