From the minds of babes

An excerpt from the weekend:

(Eirinn playing in a toy push car, Mommy watching)

“Eirinn what’s this?”  Eirinn comes over, bends down and looks closely, very curious.  A puzzled look on her face, she looks up, confused.

“It’s where the gas goes.  Open it up and put the gas in it so the car will go.”  Eirinn considers this for a minute.  You could almost see the little hampster turning the wheel in her head.  Eureka!  The hampster *POOF* disappeared and transformed into a lightbulb above her head.  Eirinn bent over picked a few sprouts of grass, opened the gas cap and shoved them in there. 

Hardly (as in, not at all) containing my laughter, “Yes, Eirinn, that’s right.  That’s where the grass goes.”


Apparently that lightbulb was an energy efficient 20 watt cool white standard compact spiral flourescent bulb. 

If only, Eirinn.  If only.


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