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Is d’Eirinn me’

No, I haven’t fallen down drunk, face first onto the keyboard.  I’ll explain.

I absolutely detest when a parent takes a perfectly good name and tries their darndest to make an absolute cow-patty mess out of the spelling, just for the sake of being different.  For example, spelling ‘Christine’ like ‘Krystyne’, or ‘Emily’ like ‘Emalee’.  It’s just an opinion and personal preference, but I usually like the original spelling of a name over any of the more ‘creative’ versions. 

That being said – I know, I know – ‘Eirinn’ is more commonly spelled ‘Erin’.  I agree and acknowledge that ‘Erin’ would have been a more logical choice, given my (clearly) steadfast opinion on the subject.  HOWEVER, ‘Eirinn’ is an actual spelling that I did not make up, and it has a specific meaning that I was drawn to.  Also, while I loved the name ‘Erin’, I knew other ‘Erin’s’ and wasn’t too keen on naming my first born in their honour.

“Is d’Eirinn me’ ” is Gaelic for “I am of Ireland”.  This saying is where Eirinn’s name came from.  Eirinn wasn’t born in Ireland, but she is ‘of Ireland’.  My husband was born there, his parents still have a thick-as-pea-soup Derry accent (which I love), and most of his family is still over there.  So, Ireland is in her blood.  Actually, thanks to a thin line of ancestry on my side, more than 50% of her blood runs green, lucky, fightin’ and proud. 


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