What I already knew, proven by the dubya dubya dubya.

So it turns out, surprise surprise, that crayons are, in fact, not food.  And being that they are not food, a Nutritional Facts label for them does not exist.  They are made from paraffin wax and pigment, which are edible, but not digestible.  Paraffin wax is, on occasion, used in baking but just to achieve a desired texture.

I can’t say I found anything advocating the consumption of crayons, but I didn’t find anything on the contrary.  I guess it’s like eating dog hair, or boogers, or bugs – revolting to most, but not necessarily harmful.  I think I’ll continue to discourage it anyway.  The last thing Eirinn needs is another ‘quirk’.  It would be quite interesting to change a rainbow coloured diaper, though, with all that undigested pigment.

This, however, is always good to know.


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