Habits to nip in the bud

The older Eirinn gets the more I realize some of her ‘cute’ little habits may only be cute to us.  There are, perhaps, a few little idiosyncrasies that we have, in the past, laughed hysterically at but should probably try to discourage now that she’s rapidly exiting stage:baby and entering stage:toddler. 

  1. Her oft-discussed obsession with climbing on tables.  This started off cute and funny in a little devil kind of way, but one day she will fall.  And not that we ‘let’ her do this, but apparently our attempts at getting her in trouble aren’t working.  In fact, she finds them kind of amusing.
  2. Drinking the bath water.  Silly billy at first thought, grotesque one second later, what with the washed off dirt and pee and used soap bubbles.
  3. Her soother.  Here’s a debate for the ages.  I, personally, don’t mind that she had a soother.  It was a lifesaver in many a situation, and I much prefer a soother-sucker to a thumb-sucker.  But I wish I weened her off of it sooner.  Now it’s going to be a fight.
  4. Ask her where her eyes are, she’ll show you.  Ask her where he ears are, she’ll show you.  Ask her where her nose is and her finger goes right up there to the second knuckle.  Who taught her that, anyway?
  5. And speaking of some mysterious benefactor teaching her social faux pas…apparently tooting is a riot.  She’ll pause in mid-temper tantrum to toot, laugh, then resume said temper tantrum.  Very funny, whoever you are.  Very funny.

I’m sure there are more, and I’m sure there will be many more that develop in the future, but maybe we should try to make it a revolving door type deal – replace one bad habit with another, as Dr. Phil would say – instead of creating a stock pile.  I’ve tried to imagine all of her quirks at an older age, in the event we are unable to shake her of them, and none of them help to make her a socially well adjusted adult.


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