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Meet Bosco, our fur-baby


Eirinn has an older fur-brother named Boscorelli, but you can call him Bosco or Bossy for short.  He is a three year old pure-bred Shih Tzu, although he has an unusually small head, so we get asked what breed he is all the time. 

His smaller-than-normal brain cavity is likely due to the smaller-than-normal brain that occupies it.  Not that he is stupid; not at all (although there are a few people who may disagree).  He just, like his little sister, has some quirks.  For example, he has trouble keeping his tongue in his mouth.  In fact, he can not not lick.  His paws, his boy bits, the couch, his toys, freshly lotion-ed legs and hands, the bed sheets, our face, your face, inside your mouth.  In any order (note: the second on the list followed by the last on the list is always a possible and probable combination). 

While this quirk may be extremely annoying, it just illustrates how incredibly loving he is.  He is in love with everyone, sight unseen, no questions asked.  And that is why we came home with him in the first place, even though we said no males.  The breeder handed him to me as I walked into her house (dirty trick; she knew exactly what she was doing, the little scam artist) and he curled up in my arms like I was his mommy and he was just waiting for me to come for him.

I’m totally not lying; I have witnesses…

I swear on a stack of bibles, or Archie comics, or little green soldiers, or whatever idol you revere as holy…Eirinn said a full and complete sentence at lunch today.  And not just a sentence, but a four word response to a question.  The conversation went something like this –

“Eirinn?  Who’s a big girl?” said I.

“I a big girl.” said the newly proclaimed President and CEO of Mensa, Ontario chapter. 

She needs some work on her grammar, but not too shabby for a first attempt by a 16 month old.

Bubbles – Rejected and Revised.

Soooo…maybe eating the bubble stick is not such a hot idea.  According to this:  

dish soap which is often used to make the bubble solution is quite toxic.  Maybe I’ll create a mixture using diluted Johnson’s Baby Wash, which is non-toxic, instead.  It will be expensive, given how much she loves her bubbles, but at least she won’t die of bubble poisoning.  Plus, they’ll smell all clean-baby fresh.



Eirinn LOVES bubbles, as does every kid, I think.  Her #1 bubble-love is the bubbles in the bath.  Her #2 bubble-love is making bubbles in the bath.  But her #3 all-time favourite bubble-love is the ones in the picture (blown bubbles?  dish soap bubbles?  what are these called?  bubble-bubbles?).  She grabs them and pops them and chases them.  For, oh, about 2 minutes.  Then she grabs the bubble making stick and tries to do it herself.  She positions the stick way too close to her lips and spits instead of blows.  When that doesn’t work, she settles for the consellation prize – a chew toy. 

Maybe now that we’ve concluded that crayons are not poison, I should conduct the same research on bubble solution.  I think I’m going to come to a different conclusion this time.

T.V. or not t.v.

I’ll admit it.  Eirinn watches t.v.  I will qualify that by saying she only watches Treehouse, which is geared specifically towards babies and toddlers.  There are no violent or age-inappropriate shows on Treehouse, no matter what time of day.  No swearing, no adult situations, nothing too confusing.  Her favourites are Go, Diego, Go, Big Comfy Couch, This Is Daniel Cook, and Four Square.  She loves the theme songs and knows the words to many of them.  She sings, dances, plays along, points out objects she recongizes and is generally very happy while watching ‘her shows’. 

I’ve read many, many articles by various levels of professional and non-professional ‘experts’ that say that any t.v. before the age of two can be detrimental to a child’s intellectual development.  I’m not going to argue with that, per se, because I’m not a doctor and I haven’t studied hundreds of babies and toddlers to get any sort of statistics, like I’m sure has been done to bring the pro’s to their conclusions.  I will say that Eirinn is at the top end of the scale for intellectual and physical development, according to anything I’ve read (which I don’t normally buy into because we all end up at basically the same spot, don’t we?)  She showed no interest in anything on the television screen until beyond a year, and trust me, I tried (as I count the 8 Baby Einstein videos which were, all but one, rejected for anything but chew toys – thanks, Eirinn, now I can’t even sell them).  I just can’t see the harm in letting her watch a few shows.  My husband and I are verifiably, certifiably, undeniably addicted to t.v., and quite proud of it, and we’re fairly normal, successful, productive members of society.  We can count by twos and tie our shoes.  Neither of us are morbidly obese, which is a side effect of too much t.v. according to ‘the experts’. 

Eirinn is very well rounded, including watching television.  Besides watching a few shows, she also plays outside everyday (weather permitting), she colours, she reads like nobody’s business, she plays with her toys.  We also monitor her viewing very closely.  We watch with her, singing the songs, playing the games, asking her questions about what she sees.  Television is really just another learning tool, as we’re using it, and I am finding that she is not only NOT intellectually delayed because of it, but she is learning in leaps and bounds and I credit it partially.  So, what’s the harm in a little boob tube?  None, as far as I can tell.

The Anatomy of a Temper Tantrum

5:30pm – Playing with a rinsed out yogurt container.  Content. 


5:31pm – “What!?!  Yogurt containers are collapsable!!! Over my DEAD BODY!!!” Upset.


5:31pm – Mommy fixes the container by popping it back into shape.  Once again, content.


5:32pm – “Oh, Mother of God, it happened again!!!  What a world, what a world…  I might as well die.”  None too pleased.


5:33pm – “Oh hi, Mom.  What are you looking at?  Did I say something funny?  What’s for dinner?”  Eirinn – happy.  Mommy – confused.


* All times are accurate. 

What I already knew, proven by the dubya dubya dubya.

So it turns out, surprise surprise, that crayons are, in fact, not food.  And being that they are not food, a Nutritional Facts label for them does not exist.  They are made from paraffin wax and pigment, which are edible, but not digestible.  Paraffin wax is, on occasion, used in baking but just to achieve a desired texture.

I can’t say I found anything advocating the consumption of crayons, but I didn’t find anything on the contrary.  I guess it’s like eating dog hair, or boogers, or bugs – revolting to most, but not necessarily harmful.  I think I’ll continue to discourage it anyway.  The last thing Eirinn needs is another ‘quirk’.  It would be quite interesting to change a rainbow coloured diaper, though, with all that undigested pigment.

This, however, is always good to know.

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